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Well, ive searched but couldnt find a thread for 3D models people have created, i saw and artistic one but wasnt sure wether this would fit the topic.


So here it is,


And my G36C i modeled last night:

Couple of things ive still got to add:

[] Ejection port

[] On the folding stock on the right hand side the bar, where the stock folds round on.






My L96 i modeled other day, needs a little tweaking. (see black triangle etc)



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I Will be texturing them, as im going to use them in my FMP at Uni this year, but ive gota go work in couple of hours so dont have time to do it now, probably going to start to texture the L96 tomorrow morning as it will be the easiest, then do the 36C on thursday. but ive got other uni work to do as well, which take piority.




Lol why not ;)


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Nice. What program do you use? I use solid works.


also, where do you find the dimensions and all that stuff for your models? I want to make an accurate rendering of an M1, but can't find dimensions anywhere!

I use a program called Silo for the modeling then take it into either Maya or 3D Studio max to texutre/render.


for the dimensions use photo graphs or blue prints, or even an airsoft side view that comes on all manuals.


scan it in and set it as the view port image and work off that.

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