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ok thanks sturgis, i think that your "tool" is gonna have a twin brother in south america ;).


But i have a last question, the receiver, was it easy to install, good quality, no need to dremell or fill any thing?

nooo my unique baby :P:D

copying is the highest form of compliment? or how did that go again? :D


good quality, easy to install, though i would recommend using a gearbox that is wired to the rear, the gearbox in it is wired to the front atm, as the one intended for it is still beeing put togheter, it was avery tight fit, i'm gonna get a crane stock as soon as i get the right gearbox.

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Who makes your Noveske and also do the front notches rotate because I've noticed that on the replicas they are at 90degrees to the spanner flats at the rear whereas on the real steel the notches align vertically with the spanner flats, or near as damnit?

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Here is what I mean. On the real steel the notches and spanner flats, at the rear, are more or less on the same plain, whereas on the KA/Hurricane version they are at right angles.

Does your KA rotate so that the parts are orientated in a similar fashion to the real steel?



I believe only Hurricane makes a replica Noveske.



i'm sure i mentioned G&P quite a few times in my posts....

G&P don't make a Noveske replica though.

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sturgis, I hate you so much, but yet your M4s are so sexy, so I will say, shweet M4s..


I like the shorter, swat style on better, M500+Noveske=Win

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G&P M4 FF RAS Long

G&P Aimpoint

TM M16A2 Stock modified to fit ICS M4

King Arms Silencer

Mad Bull RAS Fix



Guarder SP110

Guarder Bushings

Guarder Tappet Plate

Guarder Piston

Guarder pIston head

Systema Cylinder Head

Guarder Cylinder

Madbull 509mm TB

Systema Hop Up Assembly


IB 3800 mah 9.6v Battery

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My knockoff mk18 mod0 carbine


Made the cqbr barrel myself. Ill post a tutorial or something later. Painted it myself and wore down some of it. Probably gonna post it in the painted weapons thread. The most surprising feature is, its an ics.



ICS split gearbox

systema oiless bushings

systema bearing spring guide

systema bearing piston head

guard polycarb piston


6.04 tight bore custom cut to be cqbr length




custom cut carry handle sight, dremeled to look like LMT

gnp aimpoint, with guarder mount

gnp crane stock, custom fit

gnp ff ras, custom fit

custom made cqbr barrel

hero arms peq

surefire nitrolon

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