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AR15 custom metal sniper

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Started out as TM M16A2


- ASG Meda sniper grip, these have been out of stock on wgc for years !

- CA Mint and NEW metal body, only fitted for sale, serial 000767

- CA Harris style bipod

- G&P bushmaster frontsight

- First Factory SMG outer barrel

- First Factory ris rail

- KM barrel block (to counter barrel wobble)

- KM LW 290mm silencer

- TM vertical grip

- semi auto mode only

- ICS reinforced gearbox

- Fully upgraded to shoot xxxfps with 0.36 metal coated BB's, still have a pack , they are from straight (digicon) bought at WGC

- Hollowed out stock to accomedate bigger batteries

- shot less then 500 rounds


looking for about 415£ for this or sensible offers


scope not included

don't have a battery for it either



pics, do note these still show the OLD TM body, the CA one is new and in mint condition, it was added for the sale, gun is in the shop now for a lube job, so everything is checked over before it sells.








hi res:







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will also consider partial trades, like a gun+cash if you have anything intresting lying around.

say an M14 or some sort of special AK (not just a plain TM one, but with wood or something like it), just give a offer and i will consider it, i'm open to alot of stuff.


I can also supply the orginal selector plate, so you can switch it back to semi and full auto, allthough i would not recommend shooting full auto with the current gearbox setup, you would have to put in a less powerfull spring.

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771 using www.xe.com

but i'd be willing to go down on that price because of the shipping (btw are armalite traded AEGs allowed to import into the US?) or make me an offer


edit: i noticed i never gave a reason as to why i'm selling it

there are 2 reasons:

1. sniping isn't really my thing after trying it on a 24hour event

2. i have 4 other armalites, all projects, i just finished my KAC SR16 (can be seen in the Knights armament picture thread) by putting a metal body on it. And i have still have 2 others to finish so i'm using this to fund it.

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ok, some other stuff i'm intrested in


M14s in any shapes and forms

AKs in most shapes and forms :P


nice singlestack 1911s

Metal bodies for M16/M4

G&P short M203


i'm a reasonable guy, so if you have something i'm intrested in, i'm sure we can do a good deal, for members that live a far i'm willing to compensate some if the shipping would be much.

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