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Pics of your SWAT Gear

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What SWAT gear and Weapons do YOU have?



I have...


SAS SWAT Tactical Vest - Deluxe Modular Version (Black), Tactical Full Finger Gloves, Black Helmet-Kevlar PASGT Replica, Tactical Thigh Pistol Holster, Hand Held Combat Radio(fits into back of my tactical vest), Tactical Belt. Shooting Glasses, Black Tactical M16 Thigh Mag Pouch, Stainless Steel Multi Tool(for cutting wires etc.), Black Tactical Boots, Black Tactical Knee and Elbow Pads.





Classic Army MP5 A4 Auto Electric Gun with G&P Flashlight, M3 Super 90 Benelli Shotgun with flashlight attached and slip-on shell holder, HFC 1911 Gas Non-Blow Back Airsoft Pistol Black with flashlight attached, Last but not least VSR-10 G Spec Sniper Rifle with 5th Gen 3-9x40 Mil-Dot Red/Green Dot Illuminated Scope.

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You need a black helmet (PASGT or MICH) and tuck your boot laces in  :P

I am too broke to even consider buying more equipment, so completing the loadout may take a while. Hate paying for all my college funds <_< >.<


I took a pic of this guy at Anime Expo. All I have to say is he must be sweating his balls off!


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Oooh SWAT gear.


Here's a list of my gear, I'll post pictures after I take some good ones at night =):


Real PASGT Kevlar helmet and replica MICH helmet (sometimes I wear a black boonie)

LAPD SWAT vest replica with plate carrier

Black knee pads

Black BDU's with authentic LAPD SWAT shoulder patches, name strip from LAPD academy, and "Los Angeles Police" chest patch

ESS Profile NVG (black) goggles

Black tactical boots

Tac Force neoprene gloves (black)

Motorola T7400R

Safariland 6004 holster for 5" Govt with SureFure 3V



ICS M4 - SureFire M500AB, G&P ACOG 4x32 mounted on carry handle (just like you see in the movie :) )


Kimber LAPD SWAT Custom II with SureFire 310R Classic series tactical weapon light


KJ M700P with Harris bipod


Yeah, just about my entire setup for CQB is modeled after the LAPD SWAT team :P


Like I said, I'll get pictures up ASAP

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It's the same vest on the 3 pics :)

I let the shoulder pads loose a little, once the vest on the fixation is not visible (it's because shoulders should be larger than the vest heh)


For the caw, it's an heavy thing, once loaded you might just cry because of the weight and the risk to lose a body part when the gun flies.

I love this gun but i'm often disappointed by highlanders taking showers and not getting out :(

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