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Pics of your SWAT Gear

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Some of you guys must have rather rich Police Departments to base your SWAT gear on... In Baltimore wear I live the cops have very standard MP5's with the early trigger group. I've never once scene them with M4's or any kind of Carbine. That aside I  think you've guys have some great loadouts made me change my mind about selling my mp5.



rofl are you serious? Down here in red neck Fredericksburg, Virginia. Our county Sheriff's Dept. (Spotsylvania) has M4's with EOtechs and RIS.

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rofl are you serious? Down here in red neck Fredericksburg, Virginia. Our county Sheriff's Dept. (Spotsylvania) has M4's with EOtechs and RIS.


Yeah its super lame actually. Some of the Baltimore PD SRT team is just using their service pistols. They don't like the SMGs and aren't getting M4s. I live just north of Baltimore County in Harford County. We've got nothing but farms and our SWAT teams are loaded down to the extreme.

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Looks pretty good mate :)  Only thing I would say is your lower half looks a tad bare.  Whenever I've seen pics of SWAT/SO19 they have kneepads and thigh mounted pouches etc.  But looks real good other than!

swat mebe, our team SART (check us out on ASCUK) is going for its main skirmish loadout of ARU patrol, and vehicle patrols/ foot patrol units rarely have more than a dropleg, especially south yourkshire police, who we are modeling the patrol loadout on. we ditched the white shirts for black poloshirts, and got propper ARU c***caps now :)

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I can't really define best. there are guns that have better power, better range, better reliability, better customability, etc etc. IIRC Swat teams will probably use something like a Benelli M3 (Tokyo Marui ones are really good in airsoft) or possibly an 870 series. I would probably recommend the Tokyo Marui Benelli M3 shotgun for airsoft CQB as they have a high level of reliability, are fairly powerful (260fps ish), shoot 3 bb's at a time, and are quite customisable. I once got shot by a TM Benelli and I can tell you, I have feared TM shotguns in every skirmish since..even if they are nothing more than overgrown springers they are awesome nonetheless.


If you want to go for a gas shotgun then the Maruzen 870 series would be a good choice, however they are nigh on impossible to find brand new nowadays.


Hope that helps,


Ant :)

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Still too broke to buy a MICH helmet and goggles, but will get them by New Years. Saving for a new computer, college bills, and bicycle maintenace gets pricey. However I have updated my SWAT gear (GB-Tech Distraction Device, P226 with 2 spare mags, etc). Once I find my FBI ballcaps, I'll do a loadout based on federal agents.



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