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Another moderator needed.

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Since there seems to be a recent rash of spamming, I'd like to suggest the addition of another couple moderators. I think at least one of these should be based in America, since all the european mods are asleep when some of these spammers run rampant. Who these people should be is left up to Arnie, but I really think it needs to happen.

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Well Antagon, I didn't want to say that because one, I dont think you're a jackass, and two I didn't want you thinking I don't like you. I just wouldn't want to see threads locked with a crappy picture from EBaums saying "Worst thread ever" even though I've seen it a million times.

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Perhaps the admin could add a sort of automatic banning thingie.


It could pick out key words like "Stop spamming you pr*ck" that are put in forums, and hopefully it could work. Or people could report the forum to the program, and if it has, say ,over 25 reports the thread maker will be automaticly banned or banned until a mod checks up on it.

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More mods is something that's being looked at at the moment.


Spam comes and Spam goes. The morons who leave it (case in point this morning with Uncle Sam) make me laugh because not only have they nothing better to do than typing rubbish wherever they can, but they truly believe that what they are doing is either good, right, funny, clever, etc... Yeah, right. They're obviously not using the family brain cell, so they can't help it really.


They're particularly stupid people and their rubbish is launched in to oblivion at the first opportunity. Don't let it get you annoyed - it never lasts long.


Oh, and abuse of a privately owned computer system is a serious crime in the US. We have the spammer's IP address, ISP details and location. Anyone have the phone number for the FBI? ;)

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Not all that much to do with skill. The forum engine captures IP addresses of everyone who posts. This can easily be resolved to find the hostname and ISP. Finding out the location is a simple matter from there. ;)

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Oh, and abuse of a privately owned computer system is a serious crime in the US.  We have the spammer's IP address, ISP details and location.  Anyone have the phone number for the FBI?  ;)


It is :huh:? *tries to recall if has ever done it before* *shrugs*



As for nominating someone to be a new mod, I nominate Antagon or Longhairedhippy.

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If it helps, i've been setting up and administrating forums for over 8 years. I live in the U.S. East time zone and I'm generally up until midnight or later. 5 hour time difference from GMT means that when I'm going to sleep, someone across the pond is waking up to take over moderation.


That night with the 'uncle sam' character could have been resolved by myself or any other capable individual if we had moderator status. There was an unregularly high number of people on at that hour.


*Coop raises right hand*

I swear to uphold the 1J, 328FPS limit and will do so at the expense of spammers, people who don't use the search button, and newbies.... But I won't be too harsh on them, they do not know any better. :D


Likewise, if I'm at all considered, I don't need to be a global moderator (mod rights in all forums), I would rather just be assigned to the sub forums under Airsoft *chaffinch* Chat. General, Technical, Newbie Discussion, and News. I see those areas as being the more popular spots on Arnie's and a lot of the moving or locking is done there.


I definitley agree that some form of moderation is needed during night hours, and I'm willing to step up and help out.

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Thanks for the offer Coop.


Mod selection is done according to the following...

  • 1. This is Arnie's site, so he gets final say in all matters, especially the mods he chooses to trust. After all, a miffed mod could cause serious damage to the site if they wished.
    2. Myself and other current mods make recommendations to Arnie, as we see more user contributions than he does (He's a busy chap y'know :) ), so any bribes can be sent to R22Master at..... ;)
    3. Location of prospective mods is a consideration at the moment, but someone unsuitable won't be chosen purely because of their on-line time. The talent scouts are head-hunting future moderators presently, with an emphasis on people that are offset from GMT by about 6 to 8 hours.
    4. Mods are chosen because they know how the site works, know the rules (or wrote them in my case :) ), have a good feel for dealing with 'grey-areas' that may cause problems but aren't strictly against forum rules, and have a friendly helpful demeanor. Being an Airsoft expert isn't essential, but it can help. Basically, it's that indefinable 'something' that makes certain users stick out as potentially good future moderators.
    5. If you do become a moderator, you'll end up spending a lot less time looking at what you are interested in and a LOT of hours scouring posts throughout the forums. It can be rewarding, but it's not the power-trip some people think it is - it's hard work :blink: If I weren't a mod, I wouldn't have had to deal with reported posts tonight and would have been happily asleep 4 hours ago!

That's the way it's done. There's no application process, but if you've got what it takes, we'll find you. :)

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