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Another moderator needed.

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I dont think they need people of such...outspokenness.  Maybe someone more reserved.



Well, I'll do it. I am only very outspoken when it comes to people saying Marui M4s suck. Otherwise I could do it.... I run a very small site on the side call Sigma Customs Forums.






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The suggestion of me being made a mod has already been discussed.


What it comes down to is this; I will take the position if and when the moderators deem me ready for it.


I will not ask.


I will not pull an Enzo and beg.


Whilst I appreciate Havoc's fervour about it, if anything the repeated requests will do nothing but annoy Arnie and the mod team.

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I go offline for 24hours and come back to the forum to read posts like the above.. it's scary you know  The concept of mating/cloning/merging forum users is very worrying.


Like arnie said - very worrying this concept of creating 1 mod from 2 people by mixing and matching. It gives me the creeps thinking about it :P



:nosleep: = me right now, just had ma mornin coffee and i still feel asleep

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Even though we've recently had two moderators added, I feel we need Global Moderators from more diverse TimeZones, say for instance, at least one in the Americas (already taken care of), one in the Pacific, one in the Orient, and then at least two in Europe (well taken care of). The reason for this is to prevent stupid threads and/or spammers, like the user Kielbasa Sausage from creating locked polls like "Who likes cheese", which is located in the Humor & Jokes section.


At the very least, take away the option to lock a poll.

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Fair point, but this isn't really a huge problem as far as I see it.


At the end of the day, this is only an internet forum and if someone wants to post a useless poll, it's not really harming anyone. At the end of the day, even if there are enough moderators to cover all periods, there will still be times when there are none actually on-line - we all have lives away from the computer after all. Also, there may be a lot of members who don't fancy having a state of Marshall Law on the forums where every word is scrutinised for possible punishment 24 hours a day.


The only way we could be absolutely certain that nothing stupid is posted is to set everyone on a "Preview post by mods firts" option. This means that a moderator would have to approve every single post before it was added to the forum. Personally, while this may be effective, I believe that doing this would drive members away from our site faster than you could say "Whoops!".


Let's let the new moderators bed in before we think about adding more. At the moment I think we have pretty good coverage.


Oh, and Kielbasa Sausage is being watched. ;)


Hope that helps :)

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