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Hi all,


Firstly, I apologize for my unavoidable absense from the site recently - it has been due to work commitments. I missed you all though and now have a little more time on my hands for the forseeable future.


I just wanted to let everyone who has sent me PMs requiring Admin actions (team forums, account problems, etc...) that I do still have them and am working my way through them as quickly as possible. I have managed to spend about 12 solid hours over the last couple of days working my way through them (as many people who received replies to long forgotten PMs recently found out) and I am currently down to the last 60-ish.


Anyway, I'd like to assure people that I will be back "on form" soon, and I would like to offer my most sincere thanks to the moderators who have kept the site going so well while I have been unable to play any sort of part. Top job guys - you all deserve more + rep points (hint hint) ;) hehehe


Cheers :)

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Hey hey again all :)


Okay, firstly I'd like to say that I haven't even had chance to log in for the last 6 weeks and as such there may be a slight delay in getting replies to the 216 PMs I have received in that time. Sorry to those involved but I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can. ;)


Secondly, I think my blatent hint in the previous post above was misunderstood by some. My oh-so-unsubtle-hints were directed at you giving props to my moderating posse, not me. ;) So go wild, go nuts, have a ball and give the Global Mods a token of your appreciation by positive-repping them rather than me. :D



Anyway, I must offer my apologies for being absent from the site for so long but one has to keep a roof over one's head doesn't one ;)


Normal service will be resumed as soon as I can get through the 400+ PMs, e-mails and messages that have been left for me during my absense.


Peace out, chill, and best wishes to you all :)



R22. ;)

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Okay, I am now up to June 22nd as far as PMs are concerned.


If you sent me a PM after that date then I haven't forgotten you - I am working up to it :D


Apologies for the delay but I am going through things as fast as my little fingers can carry me :lol:






Yes, I HAVE been away from the forums for quite some time, but I am now working as hard as I can to be more of a "daily" feature here from now on.


More news to follow. Watch this space ;)





EDIT (as of 18/07/2006) - I am now up to 9th July on my PMs. I hope to be "up to speed" by the end of the weekend ;)

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