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Silenced Guns Picture Thread

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Woodland/DPM and an AK w/ silencer? The only thing in this picture what is not wrong is your smile but that looks also some kind of opaque... and if you also had got a brace in your childhood... :D

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what treaded barrel is that urbandork?


its an sv 3.9 sv barrel from power edge... everyone told me it would fit... but it didnt....




o well now i have a spacer on it and im still working past having the plastic chambers threads being striped..... i may just have to figure somethign else out i duno lol


right now i have the spacer on the by the silencer as there was not enough threads on the chamber side... reason the threads became stripped..... now im thinking about getting a stell chamber and elongating the threads so i can put a spacer there....


my gun came with a longer outer barrel that had been sticking out a good amount from the slide in compliance with the orange tip law in the US..... ive been thinking about jsut threading that but ill have to see what option proves the best

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all you need now is a Shooters Design Phase 3 metal slide and barrel set, and your set :)


btw, king arms silencer? its nice ay? but with the silencer and the gun, boy its long :P

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this is what boredom does to you

No, this is wht boredom does to u.....pore little guy, never saw it comen





and no i didnt buy tht scope/high claw mount for this gun...its meant for the CA g3 tht will be comen my way. As for the silencer, my friend owed me money so i just sayed ill take ur silencer......maybe use it to turn my soon to be G3 into a dmr. Btw i love ur 1911....just makes me want to get one more and more

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