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Silenced Guns Picture Thread

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You see Ivan, when use suppressor like me you never hesitate of shooting for fear of running out of gas.

Ivan special

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Not nearly as glamorous as some of the guns in this thread, but it probably belongs here, right? :)


My new taiwanese Colt .25 nbb, was surprised to see it came with an 'extended barrel tube," and 25 minutes later with a soldering iron, some custom sound deadening, and voila, this thing is literally as quiet (if not quieter!) then a TM mk23 nbb. Even has the same great *thwunk thwunk* sound.


Not as accurate or as powerful as the TM, and its a crude little thing, but I tacked it onto an order from Point Act, and I'm really happy I did. It's a fun little novelty item to throw into the collection and will certainly pay its way in fun if I can ever manage a 'kill' with it.



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Here's My Contribution :lol:






Tokyo Marui MP5-A4 SOCOM:

- 415 +/-2 fps

- 9.6 4600 mah battery

- STAR 6.05 M4 Barrel

- G&G SOCOM silencer (all bus up! ^_^)

- 6800 round Custom Box Mag (plexi-glass)

- Eo-Tech (i dont know which one it is...)

- 4 Tokyo Marui 50 rd Standard Mags....(not in pic)

- 5 G&P mids (not in pic)

- 4 Classic Army Standards (not in pic)


I usually am a Low cap user....


but i bought a high cap and made a box-mag....

cause i was really bored.... :D

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Hi all,


Just a couple of pictures of my Tokyo Marui SIG552 SEALS :-)



TM Cheek Rest

TM Top Rail

G&P (Aimpoint) 30mm Red Dot Scope

G&P M3 Illuminator - with Remote Pressure Switch

Guarder Chunky Monkey Tactical Vertical Grip

G&G SS-80 80mm Silencer

King Arms Lightweight 40x200mm Silencer











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Because nothing says quiet and stealthy like... a huge freaking box mag.


^_^ lol....


its just to say i made one.....

its for those days when im mad, and i want to spray bb's.....


i almost always run Standard and Mids....

Box Mag just looks kool and unique....


mahalos for the comment on it though :lol:

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i know this is going back a bit, and it might be an obvious answer but what silencer is it in the second picture? and does this slide over the outer barrel of a stock M4?


its just i now have my M4 set up similar and would like a silencer like that to finish her off.


thats personally the best silenced M4 ive seen!

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electric guns with relatively quiet gearboxes sound much better (and quieter) with silencers installed (ie P90, MP5k etc)


The effect on GBB's depends on how loud they are to start with, my WA's sound slightly more muffled with silencers, but thats only because I run them on green, meaning theres usually a huge burst of gas following each bb..

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Hmm, most of the noise (from my AEG) comes from the gearbox, I don't think a silencer is worth it for me.


Depends on the gun--a lot of AEG's by design have a fairly insulated gearbox, usually by a lot of interior space in the body. P90 and Aug deffinetely fall into this category.


A p90 with a silencer is about as quiet as you can get in an aeg.



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