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Silenced Guns Picture Thread

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Ivan special

You see Ivan, when use suppressor like me you never hesitate of shooting for fear of running out of gas.

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Gentlemen.... Pick your poison...




top to bottom,

Well aw.338

- PEQ-15 with IR/red Laser and IR/regular flasshlight

- M1 40mm Leupold scope w/ buttlers creek scope covers

- Flyye arm panel (big one)

- Bipod

- Sniper scrim

(- A silencer is in the making atm.)


JG H&K416

- SR-25 flipup sights

- m3 flashlight

- Vert-grip


Well R4 H&K MP7

- C-More Reddot sight

- VFC MP7 QD silencer


TM H&K MK.23

- TM SOCOM 16mm Silencer


Gerber RX-700 Flashlight


Various Patches

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So I had this m4 silencer kit laying around, but it dosn't just fit on any m4 its designed for older TMs. Anyway I was messing around and though hmmm wonder if I could mod this to fit my Skorpion? No mods just slides over the barrel and is hel on with a set screw. Fire ok to. Thinking about getting a longer inner barrel to try an improve the accuracy.


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Echo 1 XCR with AAC style can from ebairsoft... Not sure if you guys see it, but the can does not screw on as far as intended on the flash hider.. for $32 I am not upset though.








Pro-tip: Twist it more.


I just got one of those :P

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