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Silenced Guns Picture Thread

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Ivan special

You see Ivan, when use suppressor like me you never hesitate of shooting for fear of running out of gas.

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That's my worry.  I was hoping to find something that would play well with the GM RMR set.  There doesn't seem to be too many options so maybe I'll just go for Guarder and prepare my set of files.

For the record the newer barrel is a bit better than the 2 piece one they moved away from. So maybe it'll be ok...

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Would the consensus be to run an aluminum barrel for a TM Glock using the GM RMR slide?  Or does the use of 7075 make it more durable to withstand a steel barrel? 


My understanding is that the lower the moving mass, the less energy is required for the pistol to cycle successfully. I would think that if you want the extremely heavy Osprey suppressor to cycle reliably, you would want to reduce weight elsewhere in the moving assembly, which means using an aluminium barrel if at all possible.


Will the OSP work on a 5-7?


I think the 5-7's unusual barrel retention means it's quite good at cycling despite the added weight of a suppressor. That said, the hole in the .45 Osprey is about twice the size of the hole in a .224 Five-seveN's barrel's, so it might look a bit silly.

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What threaded barrel do you recommend for TM Glocks Noveske?


I'm running a Shooter Design (SD) threaded barrel on it.  I don't recommend any steel barrel if you're running an aluminum slide on your Glock.  Because of the floating design of the outer barrel, a steel barrel will just shave bits off the aluminum slide till there's none left.. LOL.


And also on the topic of the free floating barrel, I've noticed that running the SD barrel on my HK3P (WE) glock is looser than running it on a Tokyo Marui Glock.  This is the main cause of cycle failure.  So in short, the Osprey functions flawlessly on a TM but you may encounter some cycling issues on a WE/HK3P using this set up.


Here's my Marui Salient with the Osprey:




I also bought one of the GM RMR slides, but haven't yet had time to install it to test it out.  Will let you guys know how it runs with the SD threaded barrel when I do get around to it.

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Cool.  SD barrel it is then.  Now to track one down.  Anyone know anywhere where they are still available? I can see G18 ones and some G17 CCW but you need CW for the Osprey right?


Hmm.. I thought all the SD Threaded glock Barrels were 14mm CW?  I could be wrong.  As Aznriptide said, the Osprey comes 14mmCW, but there is a separate kit that includes 16mmCW and 14mmCCW thread adaptors and the key to remove/install them.

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