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Silenced Guns Picture Thread

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You see Ivan, when use suppressor like me you never hesitate of shooting for fear of running out of gas.

Hussssh....Puppy Mk22 Mod0 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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But I'm definitely not interested in paying the $500+ for one.


100% agreed, the APB is my #1 airsoft dream.


But anyway, you can have a Gletcher APS for $80 at AirsoftMegastore or Pyramid Air. Needs power downgrade, DIY hop up, and bluing refinish.... and then get some machinist or something to turn it into APB. Work work work work, but not that much money

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Ah I thought it was DeltaZero who asked for this so I sent it to him on Instagram, lol :D


I personally think it's a little bit too much.


Here you go sir; 




I love this...but I hate you...I wish I had this in an airsoft version but will have to settle for trying to just build one RS. But his is a beautiful 19!

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Appalling phone photography and Tapatalk post, but the UZI’s now got its rail system.




This is FAB Defense’s UTR-M, with all-MagPul furniture and a clone SureFire Scout M300 Mini. The Offset Light Mount is set back to stop the torch overhanging the muzzle, necessitating some filing on the XTM ahead of it to get it to fit.


Next up will be cutting down the Guarder steel outer barrel from carbine-length to SMG (replacing the non-ferrous factory barrel), fitting an optics rail to the spare top cover, and CeraKote. Then sourcing another three V1 magazines and fitting them with the hopefully forthcoming the LPE liquid-fill adapters, and laying waste to all that crosses my path.

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Communist / capitalist? :D 

Both GHKs, the AR PDW QD suppressor has a butchered Acetech Lighter within it, so within game I actually keep my suppressor on my chest rig's pistol pouch, and use tracer BBs so I have that option to quickly put that on when I feel the need to. 

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