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Ziggo: chances are it's an issue with the client you're using. That or your browser does not have java installed, if you're using the default chatroom java applet. If you post the error message you get we might be able to help - or at least tell you what's wrong.


By the way, just as a quick request, please resize your sig so that it does not exceed 100x400 pixels. Any larger than that and one of the moderators will be forced to remove it.


Thanks. :)

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If you were trying to connect to irc.arniesairsoft.co.uk, it might not have been switched over to point at the right server at the time you tryed, as far as I know that was only done today, or at least I only noticed today :P. if you're haveing trouble connecting to the chatroom with the java app, try useing a third party client such as mirc or trillian to connect to irc.darkmyst.org, you can also try useing the java/CGIRC clients on www.darkmyst.org, or reading some of there suggestions for connecting.

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