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Advice need for CA m249 mkII/para

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i will hopefully very soon purchasing a CA minini.

im torn between the mkII and the para.

i like the para more but even tho its more compact it seems less practical

(i'm 6ft 2in and im not thin so carrying it would be no probs btw)


my questions are:


1) on the para, how do you wire it up so you can have the battery in the box mag?

2) what is the stock fps for either mkII or para? (personal exp would be better plz)

3) how easy is it to fit the one piece ris grip set (the replacement for the heatcovers not the ris on top)?

4) are the g-boxes/ piston heads strong enough for 9.6v batts (personal experience is pretty much a must here please)

5) what are the box mags actually like cos ive heard bad things about them i.e. misfeeds?



thats all i can think of

if anybody has anything else that they think might be helpful to a possible buyer anything like that would be much appreciated


my apologies if this has been covered before but ive spent ages searching and i cant find many details on the CA's




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I have m 249 Para, just now i shot about 10.000rds


1) i have battery in box- 9.6V - 3.300....there is perfect place

2) para have shorter barrel and MKII have longer....so MKII shot better..

3) RIS set on heatcovers is easy...really good

4) 9.6 V batery is better then 8.4..but sometime doing misfeed

5) Box for minimi is not good, but u must rebuild inside little wheel which pressing BBs on toothwhells, and after will shot perfect

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4) are the g-boxes
You would think so, but mine broke. CA has been an absolute *badgeress* to communicate with to get a replacement. So if yours breaks, don't count on getting a replacement. Mine has been on the work table since February because of that, and is now sold as there is no use waiting any longer for CA to help, despite repeated emails with them. Terrible customer service, and personally I will not be buying another CA product again.


Reason for the break is that they copied the PGC design, including a 0.5mm thickness wall near the AR latch. That is fine thickness for PGC because their mechbox was machined aluminum. Guess what? CA went and die-cast theirs and that is just too thin. As a result, easy to break. Now it'll just eat pistons so it is a waste. Not to mention that the bearing bushings are very poor quality IMO as they blew out very quickly.


Replaced those and it ran pretty well for about 10,000 rounds until the mechbox shell broke, although the TOP box mags feed better than the CA box mags.


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