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A friend from england


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Hello Fvzz2 and welcome to Arnies :)

Just out of curiosity - Why do you only want to meet Americans :( - Not very patriotic :rolleyes::P - Just kidding :lol:

Have a look Here :) - It won't show you all the American members as they haven't filled in all their details in their profile - But it will show quite a few :)

It might also be a good idea to have a look in the USA For Sale section, as obviously a large ratio of American members will be posting in there :)


In the mean time, I don't suppose I could take a minute out of life and ask you to fill in This for me? Its nice for newcomers to introduce them selves :) - Its just a bit of fun ^_^


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sorry it has taken me so long to reply to all your posts but i've been busy trying to find a job and getting settled into my flat. the reason i was looking for us airsofters was i have served with a few us forces personnel who played airsoft and i got on really well with them.

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