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STAR M249 Box Magazine not feeding

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I recieved a brand spanking new STAR M249 Para yesterday and I must say was quite pleased.


I quickly charged up a battery and loaded the mag, popped in some fresh AA to power the auto winding mechanism and went outside for a play.


While the gun would blank fire without any problems, I did find that the mag wasn't feeding, or indeed doing anything at all.


At first I thought the AA batteries were duds but I changed them for some I knew worked fine and still got nothing.


I've emailed the store I purchased this gun from but thought I'd ask on here is anyone knew what the problem might be or any way to fix this?


I checked everything was done and attached properly so I have a suspicion that the mag is just dodgey somehow.


Thanks for any help,



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could be a couple of issues.


the BB feed nozzle from the box mag to the 249 may be a little out of place (the bendy coiled tube part). This has happened on mine and it stops the BB's feeding through. It just needs to be wiggled a bit to see if it settles back into place.


if thats not it, it might be the connector. Make sure its fully seated into the 249 and that one side is not poking out.

Or it could be the inside the connector. I found on mine that inside the connector the wires were just pushed into the connector plug and that after a spirited bit of usage one of the wires popped out causing a mild short circuit.

These can either be soldered in or a small screw inserted into the back to hold the wire in place.


If its none of that then pass. Although I have heard a rumour that there is a switch in the box mag to turn on the feed. I have never found on in mine, but then I havent looked all that hard.

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Thanks for the help.


I'm quite sure that the connection to the gun itself is fine, but I haven't tried checking the wiring inside. That sounds like ti could be it.


I'll have a look for this switch too.


Thanks again.

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