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If your 'hard' enough to wall mount.

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they're all diffrent in some way..



In what way? Color? :P


They are minute differences, if there are differences. It's about like Armalites. One has a PEQ and forgrip, the next has an M203 and PEQ, the next has a light and M203, etc etc. But in the end they are all the same old souped up Armalite. Same with AK's.

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Thanks for the comments guys.


I am actually married to a wonderful lady who thinks i'm a bit barmy :)


I have another shotgun. Its a Spaz 12 with folding stock so i actually have 2 :)


quite a few of the AEG's are ones i have bought from the forums and then spent a bit of time repairing and upgrading. I don't get to skirmish as much as i would like as i split my time between the UK and abroad so thinkering with the AEG's fills a gap.


I'm a big fan of the AK both AEG and real steel. It's a fantastic weapon in real life.


Now if i could only get my hands on the grandfather of the ak.....the MP44 :)


I will sort out a photo of an empty rack and if anyone wants i will post the dimensions in case someone feels like making one. (and for you crazy americans i will do it in inches as well :P )

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Yeah, way to own the eintire TM linup :D . I'd mout a wall, but i have no space in my room lol.

Thats exactly why I wall mounted. I didnt have room to prop all my guns up in a corner so I stuck them on the wall. I even hang my tac gear on the wall to save space


updated pic of my wall mounting


The M4 has morphed into an M16 tho

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For shame :)

You need to shoot every  gun in anger at least once a month.  :rifle:

Otherwise you have the airsoft equivalent of a safe queen.



Fixed, and of corse my guns both real and airsoft are all safe queens.


I quit playing a number of years ago, I just keep buying guns because I'm in the same boat as mighty jebus. They're entertaining to tinker with and fun to shoot around the house without spending a fortune on brass and range fees.



Heck, I've got guns that I can't even fire because I don't have the approiate battery for them or the battery I have is long dead.

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