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HFC M190/M199 Takedown/Assembly Guide


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HFC M190/M199 Takedown/Assembly Guide


Well the trigger spring broke on my HFC M199 Special Edition (Full Auto version) today so I thought I'd strip it down and take lots of pics with the intention of making a guide on how to take it apart and put it back together again.


I believe that the Full Auto and Semi-Auto are basically the same apart from the Safety/Selector switch on the slide - Although the guide is really for the Full Auto version it shouldn't be hard for Semi-Auto owners to follow.


I'm also lead to believe that the HFC M190/199 is an near carbon-copy of the TM M9 - so this might be of interest to some of you M9 owners - but then I don't own a TM M9 so I'm just hoping ;)



All images are EXTERNALLY hosted! The pictures here are thumbnails, if you want to see a larger version click on the image



This Guide is broken up into 5 sections:

1. Frame Take Down

2. Reassembling the Frame

3. Slide Take Down

4. Slide Reassembly

5. Exploded Diagram






1. Frame Take Down

So lets start here:



Remove the two screws and the left hand side of the grip:



Remove the Slide Catch and the Mag Catch from the gun:



Flip the gun over, take out the screws on the pistol grip. Now remove the pistol grip:



Now remove the Trigger Bar and the Trigger Bar Spring:



Next we need to remove the Take Down catch:



Press the button on the right hand side of the frame in and turn the Take Down Catch counter-clockwise. You want to turn it through a good 120-130 degrees:



The Take Down Catch will be free to be removed now, so take it out along with the button and spring:



Now remove the Hammer screw, the two pins holding in the Main Spring Housing. The Main Spring Housing can now be taken out:



Remove the 3rd pin:


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The entire Hammer/Trigger Housing is free to be removed so pull it out:



Flip it over and take out the screws:



With a flat head screw driver: very gently remove the spring near the hammer:



Now you can open the Hammer/Trigger Housing. Note: in this picture the parts around the hammer and sear have jumped out of their correct places. The spring to the right is the one we removed in the step above. You can also see my broken Trigger Spring in this picture.



Heres a picture of all the parts in the hammer unit taken out; the Valve Striker, Valve Striker Catch (picture upside down :blink:) and Hammer. Theres no need to remove the hammer sear so I've left it alone:



And should you knock the hammer spring out of the hammer; this is how it goes in:



Well that's it you can't really take it apart much more than this - you might as well leave the sear in place. Sorry I can't properly show you the Trigger Spring, the one I replace it with is *cough* designed for another gun. Apparently you can use a Real Steel Beretta trigger spring in here but getting hold of one here in the UK is a tad hard :( Anyway it's dead easy to put the new spring in there.




2. Reassembling the Frame

Ok we need to get the hammer spring properly aligned, it needs to sit like this:



Sorry this next picture didn't come out too brilliantly - we need to take the Valve Striker and hook it into the hammer spring. The photo shows the valve striker offset by 90 degrees, the hammer spring going into the small hole:


Note: I have pulled out the Hammer Sear so the hammer doesn't get locked back while I'm messing around with it



With the Hammer Spring in the hole of the Valve Striker, I begin to turn the part 90 degrees into the housing:



As you turn in the Valve Striker the Hammer will come forward a bit but not all the way forward. This is where it gets tricky; place a finger on the back of the hammer and push it forwards, you can get the Valve Striker fully into place.


IMPORTANT: Keep your finger pressing on the hammer otherwise it'll move back and pull the Valve Striker out of position - take your finger off the hammer when I say so


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Now place the Valve Striker Catch over onto the hammer:



You can now put the other half of the Hammer/Trigger Housing back on. Make sure the two halves are properly together BEFORE you take your finger off holding the hammer. You might need to giggle the Valve Striker Catch a bit with a screw driver so that it fits in the hole:



Put the screws back in and the Spring for the Valve Striker Catch:



Now just to make sure everything is ok; cock the hammer back:



With your finger push out the sear. The Hammer will go forward (my finger is on the hammer just so I can take this photo :P). Make sure the Valve Striker is moving ok:



We can put the Hammer/Trigger Housing back into the Frame now:



Get the Hammer Screw and put that in. Also put in one of the pins for the Hammer Sear.



We need to put the Main Spring Housing back:



Make sure the Hammer Arm, goes into the centre of the Main Spring Housing:



Now put the remaining two pins in to hold the Main Spring Housing:


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Time to put in the Take Down Catch:



Flip the gun over and get the take down catch button+spring and put it into the frame:



Pushing the button right in...



...turn the Take Down Catch clockwise until it gets to this position:



Flip the gun over again and put the Trigger Arm in:



Get the Trigger Arm Spring and place it like so:



With a screwdriver or finger nail compress the spring a little and push it down so it goes into the Trigger Arm (theres a groove cut out for it - visible in the large image):



Now for the Mag Catch:



If you're Left Handed you most likely want to turn it around to be in this position: HFC_m190_039_s.jpg

(no more Leftie-pictures I'm afraid, you'll have to use your head to flip the mag catch in the images around).


Put the Mag Catch in like this:


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Feed it over to the opposite side of the Frame, it'll drop into frame:



Push in the mag catch a little, not all the way, the spring should be giving you some tension on the mag catch. If it is put the pistol grip on and screw it in - otherwise, look at the steps above and keep trying.



Now we need to put the Slide Lock back in, make sure the spring is set up like this on it and then drop it into the hole:



The spring for the Slide lock will be poking out like this:



With a screwdriver lift up the spring and put it under the Slide Catch:



That's it! Put the pistol grip back on and you're done:




3. Slide Take Down

Ok lets start here (I think it's reasonable to assume you know how to field strip your gun to this point ;)):



Take off the Hex screw on the safety/selector switch:



Once it's off take off the Safety/Selector lever:



Turn the slide over and remove the screw in the center:


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Now with a small screwdriver and extreme care remove the two springs from the Nozzle:



Once the springs are out you can remove the Nozzle Plate:



This picture shows the Nozzle Plate and the two springs, note that the springs are smaller at one end and this is how they would be in the gun:



Now remove the Nozzle from the Slide but push it forwards:



We need to remove the Safety/Selector, note the silver part (Trigger Bar Depressor) is hooked on the selector:



As the Nozzle Plate is gone we can remove the Trigger Bar Depressor. Careful with this, it's made up of two metal parts and a tiny spring:


Warning: Do not move or let move the Safety/Selector switch up past Semi-Auto mode!



Should you cause the Trigger Bar Depressor to come apart this is how it should look assembled, note the spring positioning:



Now the Trigger Bar Depressor is free we need to remove the Safety/Selector switch. Inside the Safety/Selector switch is a small spring with a small metal pin. This applies pressure on the Safety/Selector Switch so that it stays in the position you set it. It's tiny and as yours truly discovered: once shot across the room it's a ****er to find again.


Lay the slide on the table with the top facing up, get a large cloth, place it over the slide covering it entirely. Flick the safety switch up; the pin and spring will shoot out and get stopped by the cloth.


Put the Ping and Spring somewhere safe:



I'm not picturing the Pin and Spring in mine because *cough* they went flying the other week and they've probably been eaten by the vacuum cleaner by now <_< So I've improvised and I'd rather not confuse anyone with non-stock parts being pictured ;)


You can now remove the Safety/Selector Switch from the Slide. When you do the Blowback piston will drop out:



And that's all the parts out:


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4. Slide Reassembly

Ok drop the Blowback Piston back into the Slide and put the Safety/Selector Switch back in like so:


note: the angle of where the lever is pointing on the selector switch in the picture.



The Safety/Selector Switch fully home:



Now put the Spring and Pin into the Safety/Selector Switch - this is where you have to be REALLY careful or the Pin and/or Spring can go flying. Turn the Safety/Selector Switch to be nearly on Semi-Auto mode, the pin will be sticking out too much for you to get it onto Semi. With a screwdriver push the pin back and turn the Safety/Selector Switch to Semi - it will click into place. Now flick over to SAFE.


Now it's in SAFE we can put the Trigger Bar Depressor part back in, it can only go in one way, it has to hook onto the Safety/Selector Switch:



Here's how it should look from the underneath:



Time to put the Nozzle in. Drop it into the Slide at this position and then apply pressure to the back of the Blowback Piston (where my finger is), this will lift the Blowback Piston up slightly and allow the Nozzle to fit into place without catching on the Rubber Piston Head:



The Nozzle all the way in:



Now we put the Nozzle Plate back in like so:



And make sure it rests in place like this and then put the screw back in:



The Nozzle Springs are next to go in. Very gently, with a screwdriver freed them in, remember the springs are to go in widest end first.



Get both Nozzle Springs in:


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Test the Nozzle is able to move and spring back. Pull it out and then release it, the action should be sharp and quick:



Make sure this has NOT happened:



If it has make sure it's hooked back onto the Safety/Selector Switch like so:



So with the Trigger Bar Depressor properly in place, put the right hand Safety/Selector Switch lever back on and screw in the hex screw. Put the Selector switch into Semi mode ready for when you put the slide back onto the frame:



And here we go, all ready to go back onto the Frame:





5. Exploded Diagram

Sorry it's not a properly scanned image, just a photo I took with my camera.


Just like all the other images: click on it for a larger version.

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Great guide! Should be stickied.


I just thought i would mention do not pull the trigger at any stage. you will lose stuff, like those danmed little bits of metal.


Also all those metal spring bits you can replace by drawing them and then making them out of a paper clip. But they will go brittle and brake after about 20 shots.

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This guide looks excellent but one small request, just bought my first GBB of arnies so it didnt come with any instructions. How do i take the slide off i would really appreciate if you could post a pic or a brief description how to take the slide off or possibly a field strip guide :D

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This guide looks excellent but one small request, just bought my first GBB of arnies so it didnt come with any instructions. How do i take the slide off i would really appreciate if you could post a pic or a brief description how to take the slide off or possibly a field strip guide :D


Piccys from the Manual ;)


HFC_m190_077_s.jpg HFC_m190_078_s.jpg




When i get my scanner working. Ill scan the instructions and post it on here. :)

+ the CO2 mag instructions

BTW how can i stop my slide being a bit wobbly? Just lube it lots?

;) The slide wobbles side to side a bit on mine. Lube/Grease will help it from rattling.





Edit: cheers to everyone for the PMs and +1's :)

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i would +1 you if i could. :P

i was wandering what oil you use. Because the manual doasn'tell you and mine hasn in use for ages without it.


7 more posts and you can (you need 50) :P;)


Use 100% silicone oil. You can get Silicone oil in spray form too. Just don't use anything Petroleum based (like WD40) - if in doubt don't use it.

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For the purposes of what you are doing, the spring housing in the grip can stay in the gun. It doesn't need to come out for anything else to move. I also found out that my gun seems to work better without the little spring you removed with the screwdriver, the one near the hammer.


True but I thought I'd keep it simple and explain how to strip everything out of the frame ;) Interesting about the spring - that's supposed to move the Valve Striker Catch up and lock the Valve Striker while it's depressing the valve. You're getting better gas efficiency or higher performance?

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Just a note - the "trigger bar depressor" in the M190 (semi-auto version) is only made of one solid piece. This is one difference between the M199 and M190 - so when you take an M190 apart, don't worry about that falling out.




[/thread res]

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i got a question..

But as i Follow your guide when i put the hammer housing and then i put the little spring that goes with the valve striker catch and when i did this the hammer got locked for some reason when i take a the spring out the hammer works fine..any way how to fix this?

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