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"sunk some little springs into it to hold tension on the catches. Once the grenade is pushed in the catches click into place and then shaft is twisted to lock them in place. This will be attached to the bolt handle eventually." - Candyman


Basically i asked if it might be possible for the bolt action on the side of the tishina to control locking the grenade in place, and of course no plan is too grand for candyman, so this is the beginnings of that mech. Needless to say, i am well pleased :]


Edit: more (he works fast ok)




More of the intricate controls take shape

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I hope that the springs won't wear down with time.


Doubt it's going to be a problem, would take probably thousands of reloads before they wear down at all; if anything's going to be unreliable it'll be the mini moscarts :]




"might look like 2 lumps of ally and a tube, but you can see where im going" - Candyman



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There was a little overlap in the planning, but machining only started after the hammerli was completed as far as i know


Bolt handle arrives:




I can't even get my head around how he's machined that hehe, looking awfully good though.

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"This is the final length of the thing, the silver in the middle is a piece of aluminium that the 2 tubes are attached to. There will be some rings about 15/20mm wide that will slide over the screw wholes coving them as the final step.


Next is the release lever which hides in the body of the launcher, its on a spring and when pulled will push the rod forward. This (i hope!) will join up with the release rod you saw earlier that pushes on the top of the L shape levers and releases the moscart. Quite good fun making bits that work, I dont normally do it." - Candyman






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"trimmed the locking mechanism down to a rod that slides in the tube and this will be the finall fixing point, its about flush with the end. Atleast you'll know when its locked in place.


The other tube will cover all the rods, starting from the top is the bolt handle, the black mark is a bit of heatshrink over a slot, the other end has a flat on it so the bolt handle can be slid into place as a last step and taken out to adjust and secure with the lock nut. Next silver rod is on the trigger, it passes right through the locking mechanism and presses the button on the bottom of the moscart. This will have a spring on the right hand side to return it to its rightful position. Finally the black rod is the release as I showed before." - Candyman





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