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shame thats wood really. while it'll feel damn nice, it would be more realistic if it was decent plastic refinished to look like bakelite.


theres always the possibility of finishing wood to feel plastic-like, atm it's the best option.

(don't worry, he is already aware the real thing isn't wood)

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Yep, we're just discussing the attachment:


heres a rubbish diagram i sent him for you to ridicule in the mean time



basically the current thinking is that until i get round to producing a leather cover, there won't be a great big chunk of the handguard cut away, i can do that myself when the time comes. Candyman himself is just going to make a couple of small neat holes, one in the bottom and one for a pin to fit through laterally.


think i forgot to link this pic before:


Plastic-look wood grip

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:D Well, we knew this man works fast already so:


Attachment point one takes shape


aaaand the second reciever (being built for another arnies member i believe) is coming along at a frightening pace too: tish30bk3.jpg


russian weaponry fans will be pleased to hear that this one may be for an AKM instead of an AKSU, which in my opinion is an awesome idea

http://img167.imageshack.us/img167/4631/bs1akmsmm5.jpg (reference pic)


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Tada! :D






This thread sure had some humble beginnings, looking back. Who'd have thought the end result would be this awesome?


Although this was a 'commissioned' piece, this is all candyman, i can honestly take no credit whatsoever, due to being a lazy ignorant foo'. From the moment of introducing this idea to him, he showed surprising and genuine interest and passion. Hats off.





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