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SR-47 info needed


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I've got one, here are some pictures of mine.








i would also love to hear feedback from owners to i.e. if they've had any problems with them


IMO, it's a great kit, especially if you're going for something like a modern US Navy SEAL / A-Stan impression. I've been using mine on and off for about 1.5 years now and haven't had any issues with it at all. The body is as nice as any of the Hurricane bodies, so it looks good, fits together nicely, but is a pain to field strip (you pretty much have to take the whole thing apart to get at the barrel assembly). The RIS is also very solid, mine has no wobble at all, unlike some of the other RIS units I have (TM M4 RIS). I was originally concerned about the "S" shaped hop up unit, but it's proved to be reliable and durable. Over all it's a very solid kit with only 2 minor issues.


The first minor issue is that the pin that holds the dust cover in place occassionally, slides out (partially). There is no way to loose this pin or dust cover, so this is just a minor irrtant. The 2nd issues is in regard to the mags and mag catch. To begin with the mag catch need to be kept very clean. It's also very stiff, so polishing it with a dremel and keeping it well lubed helps a lot. The mags though are also a small irritant. On the back of an AK mag, you'll see a small sloped tab that engages the mag catch. The common issue with the Hurricane SR-47 kit is that the mag catch is unable to lock onto this tab. This is bad, because you can literally rock the mag out of the mag well with very little pressure. Like I said this isn't a big deal. All you need to do is to put a small flat spot on the tab with a file. This requires very little work and I completed 10 mags in about 20 minutes. You hardly remove any material at all. I've also read that TM mags are the only mags recommended for the SR-47 kit, but I've never tested that claim. I've got 10 TM Standards and 1 TM High Cap. All work just fine.


what was the stock gun they converted (make mainly)


My SR-47 started life as a TM M16A2. This was chosen because I wanted a mechbox wired to the rear for a Cranes stock. As with most ther Hurricane bodies, you can run the wire either direction with very little work. I chose the Crane stock so I could balance out the weapon while still having a collapsable stock. IMO, due to the weight of the RIS, the SR-47 needs either a full stock or a battery stock to keep it balanced, but a PEQ battery box will also work.


In closing, here are some other threads with more info on the Hurricane SR-47 kit.












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Nextmayor nice job!

I've also got one, never skirmished with mind!

It is a rock solid kit once built but I did have the mag problems stated, TM workfine but others are too wide and are a snug fir at best or impossible to get in. I found a good adaption was to add a spring to the front of the gearbox as this literally pushes mags out like on the real steel.

I also encountered some issues getting the gearbox and shell to aline for the body pins to go in.

All are quite small niggles and there are no issues at all really compared to some other kits this is pretty painless and at the end is a bit different.

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