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How can you slow the hop up depressing?

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i've recently got a ca m15cqb and i love it but the only bad thing about it i can tell so far is that after various bursts the hop up dial will depress so it will need some adjusting.

it is beginning to annoy me as i know the hop up depresses on everygun after a while but this is a bit too quick for my liking.


+1 to anyone who can tell me of a safe way of slowing the depression (if there is a way of course)




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What he is saying is undo the screw, remove the dial/gear then slip on an appropriate sized washer(that fits over the axle/spigot) and then replace the dial and screw.

What this will have achieved is to raise the profile of the dial, beyond the end of the axle, so that the screw tightens directly onto it instead of applying useless pressure to just the axle.


A good idea.


Remember you might have to apply some thread lock because the torque that is applied to the dial will now also be applied to the screw and you don't want that moving as well.


EDIT: It might not be possible to put a washer between the dial and the hop unit due to the shape of the hop unit body. In which case you may have to file the end of axle down slightly to bring it below the flat surface of the dial to achieve the same effect.

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