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Since the new ACM AEGs such as BE, WELL, CYMA, DE and UTG seem to be becoming more and more popular - I suggest we have a subforum dedicated to them - where we could place all of the threads about these guns.


Not only will this be enourmously helpful to new players looking for a good budget starter gun - It'll also be good for the more experienced player who wants a cheap project gun.


For mods - I suggest gunnerairsoft, chairmanmao. myself and staticzero - based on our collective knowledge of ACM airsoft goods.

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And while were at, can we have a GGB, NBB, Systema AEG, BV System & springer sub-forums too?


What i'm trying to say is, dividing the forum into yet more sections will just complicate matters further and will make more work for the mods by having to keep everything in the correct forum, which I'd imagine is tedious enough as it is :unsure: .


/Chime out

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