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Spelling And Language

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Arnie, I've noticed a couple of other features that could do with adding - the Spell checker for new forum posts, and the Language filter.


Just thought I'd list them here so you have a record of things to do that you may not have thought about yet. If you already have a complete list, just tell me to shut up. :unsure::D


If you want me to list things here as I find them, let me know :)


Keep up the good work.

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the one that always cracks me up is "*beep*" as in ... you "*beep*" your gun.. I can't even e-mail that to half my friends !! doh!


edit- hmmph... looks like there will be no cocking of guns on this site either! (alternate phrase for "loading the bullet into the chamber").. thinking about it is there another word for that other than *beep*?


2nd edit- Doh!

Edited by Azrael
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Don'tcha think the censored words should be in a red font or something....? And is the filter replaced by an actual *BEEP*? OMG... lol


Arnie if you want some help, I can list a WHOLE LOAD of language to filter out.. :)


Although I have to admit, the last forum the word "######" wasn't filtered while the word "######" was... To be honest I don't think ###### is even remotely rude... but down south I don't know.... :rolleyes:

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