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CA m15a4 cqb, ris and spc - same mechbox?

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Nope, they don't buddy.


They all use 7mm bearing gearboxes, however in the RIS and SPC all other components are the same as a carbine or tac-carbine.


The CQB has many other modifications:

Vented alu bearing piston head

Bearing spring guide

Thinner spring

Metal cylinder head

O-ring air nozzle

Newer gear set, with 4 anti-reversal latch catches and CA markings (although one of my CA36s came with this gearset, and the other didn’t, so it may be in other M15s now)

New cylinder

New selector plate


You may find this useful


I still think they should have used a flat faced cylinder head and a poly piston head, but you can't expect them to get everything right.




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