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Say herro to the new....

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Here's the score-


With ASCUK closing, there is a rather gigantic void left in the 2nd hand sales airsoft market, one that I'm sure Arnies could fill.


However, upon talking to many airsofters at my site, it would appear the for sales section of this website is unappealing due to the lack of specific categories, which existed on ASCUK.


My proposition is simple-


Add categories to the For Sales section. It will provide a MASSIVE service to the airsoft community as a whole.

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I agree with this too, i spend alot of time buying/selling etc and sub-forums for Tac-gear, accessories, bulk sales etc.. would help no end, would this need to be done for the US sales as well though and world wide, if so it could be a bit of a headache for mods to keep clean, the UK sales seem to me to have the most going on in them so why not start there to see how it goes for a few months, JMO anyway,

jim :)

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*edit* would it be possible to have an incomplete deals thread for the people who where in the middle of trading on the ASCUK for sale section when it shutdown?



Good idea. Thread's pinned up in the 'problems with sales online' section. :)

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I'm betting what they want is something similar to the review database.


Different categoris for different things.



For Example:




Springers (anything using spring power except snipers, this includes TM SPAS and Benelli)

Bolt Action (Sniper Rifles)

Accessories (Scopes, parts, etc)

Parishables (gas, BBs, etc)

Gear (book, BDU, helmets, etc)



Thats just my rough list of how it could be done. Arnie, you might be able to use the same code you used for the review database but just tweak it out to make it a topic driven system instead of a permanent review type system.


You could even make it look the same and have the pictures at the top like the RDB. I think this is a great idea.



I (whatevernumberwewereon) it.




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I am also aware of this.


I have spoken with several ASCUK regs and have had the same feedback.


Again, I am all in favor of a little "restructuring" of our Sales forums as a result, but I don't think it should be as fragmented as the system used on the ASCUK boards previously.


My personal suggestions would be as follows...


For the UK and USA Sales forums...


Split the "For Sale" sub-forum in to the following categories...

  • AEGs
  • GBBs
  • Other Replicas
  • Kit & Clothing
  • Other

(Of course this doesn't really help the chap that wants to sell his webbing, his old AEG and 3 batteries. I mean where does he post that sales thread)???



All other sub-forums (inc the entire "Worldwide" forum)...


To be left "As is".





However, I have also spoken in depth with Arnie about the feature he suggested above. This is a non-forum feature that has more in common with the "Review Database" than the Invision Board, and would deal exclusively with on-line sales. Such a system would be searchable on type of item, price, quality, interest, etc...


Unfortunately, this would involve a LOT of extra work for Arn to implement. If people are going to REALLY get THAT much extra benefit from it then I am sure he will try to get it implemented some time soon, but if it's something that is going to be more hassle than necessary then I would propose that I just restructure the UK & US For Sale forums as I suggested above.



Thoughts? ;)

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I spoke with Arnie again today and he is planning to integrate the new system mentioned earlier. This would be a fully interactive "Sales" system that works in a similar way to the Review Database. It will allow users to upload several images, be fully searchable in several ways, have discussion space and several custom fields and categories for different types of sales (somewhat similar to the eBay system, but without the 'auction' layout.


It may take a while to fully setup and integrate this system, and more news will be posted up about it as more is known.


In the mean time I will look at re-organizing the existing Sales sub-forums and how best to do it.


Cheers all ;)

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The one fature they had that I thought was better than Arnie's. Cool, will make this site even better!

Indeed, the sales section was the only reason I bothered with ASCUK. With a restructured sales section Arnies will be the airsoft site on the net. Well, it already is but it will be even better!

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Sherlock, due to that crazy grey area thing called the Law in the UK, I doubt we will see a fundamental change in the forums rules reagarding the 1 Joule limit.


I dont see why this would affect sales though, because an astute seller will just refrain from posting the power capability or what spring is installed or even alluding to it.

That way, the site cannot be held accountable for the item on sale.

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Will the limit here be raised to 350fps and higher sniper limits as per the other site or will we just see an influx of modded gun with no spring fitted for sale?


The rules will remain the same no matter which system is implemented. These are 1 Joule for all sales except for sales where both the buyer and seller lives in the USA.


As mentioned we can't put this site in a legal grey area by promoting or condoning legally questionable activities. I'm sure you understand ;)



Would now be a wise time to also consider a group buying forum?


Excuse my denseness, but what's a "group buying forum"?




On the question of dividing the existing sub-forums until a more permenant system can be implemented, I will work on this over the next couple of days. I will be keeping it simple though as creating too many sub-forums is only going to result in buyers not being able to find what they want and some sellers not knowing where their sale should be posted. We'll then see if more subforums need to be created over the coming weeks.


I'll post up more info as things start happening ;)

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Excuse my denseness, but what's a "group buying forum"?


We all know that when you buy something from HK etc postage starts quite high and then only goes up slightly for the more you order. So a group buying forum would be where you post if you were planning an order from HK or somewhere so other people can arrange to have you add things to the order for them therefore lowering the postage for all of you.

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