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In light of ASCUK being renderred inoperative can I suggest a revision to the current Sniper's Perch thread that seems to be the sole place for everything that relates to the wierd and wonderful world of the 'one shot - one kill' brigade?


I have looked to see if this has been suggested before, but I got bored at about page 5.


Not being a web monkey I have no idea how difficult it would be to install a subforum covering the aspects of Bolt Action rifles in all their guises, Gear, tactics etc.


This would make it easier for people to place their questions to the right people and to quickly source information from the relevant threads (unlike the current 113 page long thread which is hard going to flick through) rather than reposting a question that already exists.


I would suggest something along the lines thus.....


VSR-10 Thread, split into internal / external sub threads

APS-2 Thread, split into Internal / External

Tanaka gas rifles (can include the KJW version in there too)

Classic Army series

Other BA rifles - the likes of obscure and rare BA's and UTG type stuff

AEG Sniper Rifles - covering aspects of making an AEG into a sniper peice


General - for all other random stuff



Thats my suggestion, feel free to do with it as you wish.



Just noticed there is a suggestions sub forum, please feel free to move this.


cheers ears.


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Thanks very much for your suggestion Rob. We are currently considering something along these lines. It won't be the same as the ASCUK system (although I wouldn't know as I never even saw that :P ), but the idea has been saluted already by me at least. We'll decide what to do after some deep and nerdy conflabulations between myself and the rest of the Staff ;)


Cheers :)

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To follow up on the Chef, i to feel that we have a need for a dedicated section.


Its been a while since this has been proposed and nothings come about.

while i note that we have been moved into the game section we still have a stupidly long thread that is a mess, and hard to look through.


It would not be difficult to set up a Sub Section within the game for the Perch, then setting mods, such as The_Chef, TDS, Myself, and TheBushman as we are the regular and well knowledgable people that spring to mind.


The mods can then create the sticky sections with the_chefs ideas above, meaning all you would need to do is create the subsection and appoint the new mods for that section, which is basically what you do in the Team and Player section.

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Just a quick thought...


Rather than messing with the forum layout, how about setting up an honorary "sniper team" and then they could be given a sub-forum on that basis?


I have posted a few questions in the Snipers Perch thread but, unfortunately, as soon as a new page starts you can pretty much say goodbye to getting any help.

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I agree with everyone who has posted already, a subforum for the snipers perch would be a good idea. I have just finished reading trough the 140 pages of the snipers perch and it has been enlightening but not very efficient. In my opinion, the subforum would make it a lot easier for everyone and people wouldn't hopefully be asking the same questions every 10-50 pages just because it seems so long and they can't be bothered to read through it.


Just my opinion though.





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Tanaka gas rifles (can include the KJW version in there too)


your mission is to plague me with KJW rifle questions, because I hate them with a passion isnt it.. ;)



anyways, airsoft forum has a pretty effecient setup being


Main Sniper forum

-Subforum for each of the main rifle types (vsr, aps, tanaka, chineese, ect.)


The reasoning is, and I definatly understand it, is that each type of rifle is very different from all the other types, with specific little issues and tweaks that can be done to each, and it makes searching for info ALOT easier, expecially since the arnies "fuzzy" search is a bit too fuzzy and makes research a pain in the *albatross*.


without subdividing, there's /going/ to be a sticky for each rifle type anyway, and probably a few more, because of that, newbies are going to want to post in the stickied threads about the rifle they are thinking of getting or whatever, and again you run into the same clutter problems. It could be fixed by having an excessive number of locked stickies with "good data" in them, but again its kinda a stupid solution to a simple problem ;)


a seperate sniper forum is going to draw ALOT of posts, so I think organization is pretty important.


I'd volunteer to be a moderator if I'm needed. =X

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Can't see the point is seperate sections for each rifle type myself.


Surely it'll work to just post threads as and when required and if a thread becomes the "best" thread about a particular gun or bit of kit it'll stay high up the forums on its own merit?


The tech forum here manages to get by without sub-forums for TM, CA,G&P, KSC, WA, G&G and ICS guns and there are hella lot more types of GBB and AEG than there are sniper rifles.


You can screw things up worse if you over-fragment them and enforce regulation. Better to let patterns form naturally and then, if neccesary, pluck out the good threads and sticky em.

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We dont mean seperate sections for each rifle, just a seperate section for all stuff sniper related. then threads will get stickied if they are of importance.


The problem is question and answers are being buried in the 145 page thread and then keep popping up because the thread is to long to read through.

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Surely it'll work to just post threads as and when required and if a thread becomes the "best" thread about a particular gun or bit of kit it'll stay high up the forums on its own merit?


have you actually seen any thread, anywhere, stay near the top for a very long period of time and not become utterly useless as it got filled with garbage?

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