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Custom mount for non-ris m203 on CA cqbr

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ok so i've seen this pic knocking about somewhere (might well have been here on arnies of a non ris m203 mounted on a tm m733 (iffy paintjob i know) \/ \/ and wonderered if anybody knew how to do it for a cqbr (with a short launcher) and and/or if it is actually possible.


im not too sure if it would work because i imagine the front mount would end up too near if not on the flashider. i spose it might still be possilbe like this. basically i have no idea

wondered if anybody knew anything about how to do it or if its even possible on a cqbr.

any links to other helpful sites would be great. ideally i'd like to find a step by step kinda thing for how the front mount might work.


the usual +1 for anything helpful



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How does the front loop thing mount to the nade body? Could you simply drill a few holes and move the MOUNT back farther? Once this is one I'm sure you could slip it over the barrel or do something.



What if you use a different mounting bracket. IE go to home depot or something and look for stuff to use. I could think of several parts you could use (I dunno what their called, or if they make them)


Cut the bracket in half along the top circle. Maby you could bend it out a little bit to get it over the FH.

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