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Need help with wiring up my bowman headset


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Right, I followed this guide - bowman wiring guide and wired up my bowman headset to a 2.5mm jack. "Right, sorted" I thought. I couldn't have been more wrong :(


The guide is for using the headset with a motorola "T" series radio, so I bought some motorola T5422 radios. Now, the problem is that the radio just constantly transmits, I've tried sorting it but to be honest I don't really know what I'm doing. I followed that guide properly, and it just won't work right.


Has anyone here wired up a bowman headset themselves? If so, could you knock up a circuit diagram for me, showing what the different wires represent?


So far I've sussed that -


White = microphone

Blue = Earpiece

Yellow = Power?

Green = Power?

Red = not sure, but the guide says not to use it


Any help will be greatly appreciated





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C'mon, 22 views and no replies? Theres bound to be someone here that has re-wired a bowman headset and it worked, mine just constantly transmits.


I've tried fiddling with it, putting the wires in every combination but still nothing. The headset does definately work, but I think I'm not doing something right. Any help/feedback will be appriciated

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I recently wired up my bowman for use with my Icom F4S radio. And I'm not good with diagrams but here is what I found.


The color of the cables from the bowman headset corespond to the following.


yellow = speaker +

blue = speaker -


green = mic +

white = mic -


I found that the directions on the site you posted are not the best, try going to the post on the Wannabe forum (you may have to sign-up for an account to view) but there are more detailed diagrams as well as discussion's on how to rig up the headset with many different kind's of PTT's. I used my old handset and converted it into a PTT with the bowman going into it.


Hope this help's check out the Wannabe post.

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Have you had a look at my instructions and wiring tables here:


This will tell you exactly what wire does what.


What I would like from you is a clear pic of your PTT opened up or at least tell me if its a serious PTT such as Pryme, Clansman, U-94 or if it is a cheapo thing like in the RM thingy.


It is my understanding that the central pin is the common pole. If you don't know what I mean by that then get back to me and we'll take it from there.

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The best way I can describe is to say that the mic and speaker are like a pair of stereo headphones. They both need a positive and negative to create different sounds but you can get away with just three wires. The central pin usually, in our case anyway, is the negative for both pieces of equipment while each has it's separate positive pole. Therefore since both pieces of equipment use the same negative pole that is 'common' to both home.


Sorry, a bit convoluted.

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Ahh right, I see what you mean. Here is a pic of the PTT -




The wires on the PTT's cable were a different colour to that of the headset, so they correspond as follows (from the PTT to the 2.5mm jack) -








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I plugeed the headset into my phone, and the headset speaker works fine, although the microphone dosnt when I try to record a sound clip, it recognises the speaker as the microphone as well :blink:


I plugged it into my radio, and neither the speaker or mic worked, and the radio wouldnt transmit or receive anything at all until I unplugged the headset.


I followed that guide (RM45.com) to the letter, and so so far its caused nothing but grief. I really don't understand why its not working :(

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Ok, here is a diagram of how things should be connected but I do emphasise 'should' and I'll go into that below:



Now, what I can tell you is on my plug set-up(2 pin: 1x 3.5mm mono & 1x 2.5mm mono) the blue and white wires are indeed going to the central pin of each therefore it is safe to assume that the central pin of your stereo 2.5mm does the same job and therefore they should terminate there.


The next problem arrises in determining where the green and yellow wires terminate and what I have shown you in the diagram is purely speculative and you may have to reverse them.


All of the above should not be read as gospel because it is quite possible the radio might be wired differently therefore messing up everything I've said and shown. So therefore it really is quite vital to get hold of another radio to be able to thoroughly test for proper function. However, you should be able to, at the very least, be able to check for speaker function by hearing for crackle/transmissions etc. You could also just carry the kit with you and try and speak to a random person on the airwaves to test the mic connections.


Another problem which you won't easily be able to solve is the fact that the impedence of the mic may simply not be compatible with the radio in which case you are dead in the water.


I personally at present use a British Army Clansman PTT which I will soon replace with a A-94 A/U PTT and corresponding headset plug.

As for radios, I used an Alan 456R PMR in the UK and an Alan 507 LPD radio here in Italy. PMR and LPD are totally different frequency bands and are not compatible.


Any questions? :D

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Right, I've just wired it up like that diagram you posted Tommygunn, I even tried reversing the green any yellow wires like you suggested and I still get no joy with it. :(


When I plug it into my radio (T5422) the radio recognises it as a VOX headset, and whether I wire it up as you suggested Tommygunn or by using the RM45.com guide, the radio doesn't receive or transmit anything. The PTT button dosnt work, and When I use the PTT on the radio it transmits, and doesn't receive.


With both wiring scenarios, the headset speaker and mic don't function, so my guess is that the radio is not compatible with the headset. What confuses me though is that PTT headsets do exist for my radio, and the RM45.com guide is for motorola 'T' series radios, which is what I have.

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Last ditch attempt would be to solder the yellow and green to the central pin and attach the blue and white to the other separate contacts, where the yellow and green were. Again you might have to reverse the blue and white to be sure.


p.s. I remember on another thread, which I can't find, that I think some other bloke was having compatibility issues with his Motorola radio.


Sadigh PM:

Tommygunn, I'm gonna wire up the radio for use with a 2 pin (3.5 mono and 2.5 mono) then just get an adapter to use it with a 2.5mm stereo, that way if it still dosnt work with my radio then I'll use it with a different radio without having to change the connector.


What is the circuit diagram for using a 2 pin connector?


Good stuff. However, I have never seen an adaptor that terminates in a 2.5mm stereo plug only 3.5mm stereo so I wish you luck.


Here is what my radio plug looked like before I cast Plastic Padding onto it:



The colours seen above are the Clansman wire colours so see below:


3.5mm inner: BLUE

3.5mm outer: YELLOW

2.5mm inner: WHITE

2.5mm outer: GREEN

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I'll try that too, although that sounds very similar to the RM45.com guide. Looks like I'm gonna need a new radio :rolleyes:


EDIT - I tired that setup before, and it does the same thing. I think that the radio is just not compatible with the headset, so a new radio is in order. What PMR radios definately work with the bowman?


2nd EDIT - Cheers Tommygunn, I've got a 2 pin connector so I'll wire that up.

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Sorry, I remember now that you chopped it off and replaced it with a clansman plug, might do the same if I find a clansman PTT. Cheers again for all your help Tommygunn, can safely say now that the motorola t5422 radio is not compatable with the bowman headset. Perfect excuse to get another, more decent radio ;)

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Just search ebay uk under 'Clansman ptt' or 'Clansman pressel'. Also sometimes the seller spells it incorrectly so try 'Clansman presel' (one 'S').


The PTT also comes in either coiled or straight wire variety so keep an eye out. There are also the older versions, black ptt, and the newer versions, green ptt. I much prefer the newer, green version and I've never seen an old black version with a coiled wire.

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The motorola's use a 2.5mm connector but it has a non-standard ground shank length. When a standard length 2.5mm is used it doesnt actually sit properly in the radio and the wrong pins connect up to the wrong places, or short together causing odd problems like constant TX. Maybe worth cutting a 2.5mm connector of a proper motorola compatable headset :)

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