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Post your current wallpapers here (hey, every forum needs one of these threads ;))!






It's at 1024x768 though :)


Pics from Wannabe.uk.com, plus a random pic of a helecopter on a carrier flight deck, Photoshopped together. Took about 2 hours.


The reason why I have this is because my new kit loadout will basically be that, but in OD and woodland, so I need to remind myself how cool it looks :D

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Note how many games I have (3)!!


Mostly use my computer for browsing, AIM, and webstuff.


edit: Sorry forgot my resolution was a bit high.



Reminds me about a GREAT joke to play on people. Take a screenshot of their desktop. Make sure the mouse is off the screen. Then load that up as their background. Then move all of their folders to a very obscure place. When they come back, they won't be able to figure out why none of their icons work.

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Is my current Wallpaper its done by an excellent fan artist who goes ny the name big-big-truck. Check out his site http://www.big-big-truck.com/bebop and for anything you could ever want to now about Cowboy Bebop and its soundtracks http://rfblues.aaanime.net/ two excellent Cowboy Bebop sites.

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That remionds me of my Warthog launching days, good times, i even blasted myself farther than anyone b4, i hit the top of the map and started moving horizantally o_0 bet you never saw that b4 :P

hehe i modded coag and made the plasma pistol have a huge kick back. it was that power full that u wld go from one side of the map to the other and then through the cliff and then dead :P

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I thought I was the only one that used multi monitors. Granted I'm not using 9 like I used too.. But 3 suits me fine these days.


I can't however get used to using them all as one desktop, the 10inch gap is what does it for me!


Anyways, here's my desktop, if you want the picture, PM me. :)


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