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Chatroom Rules

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Hey folks. As many of you are no doubt already aware, the Arnies IRC chatroom is a strange associated entity with slightly differing rules to the forum.


I know a lot of you use IRC clients to connect, and so don't see these key rules we have for the chatroom. As a result here's a quick reminder:


Please note: There are some simple rules to observe when using the chatroom:


    * Be friendly and nice to those there.

    * Remember to respect the administrators and moderators in the chatroom

    * Do not attempt to advertise or sell on channel.

    * Please do not use coloured text where possible. 

    * Remember that it's about fun.. just don't take things too far.


Failure to comply with these simple rules will most likely result you being banned from connecting to the chatroom. Repeated or severe transgression may also lead to warning and possible suspension from the forums.


Hope that covers everything. Any queries feel free to ask, but please remember that ultimately the channel operators (and of course by direct association, Arnie) have the final say in any interpretation of those rules. Cheers. :)

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