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Want your own team, site or retail forum?

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If you want your own section in the forums for your own team or skirmish site.. you can either drop me a line via email, or PM me.


There's been quite a few requests about folks getting their own sections and forums, so as it wasn't obvious that we'd create them for you if you asked I'm putting this post up. :)


If you want your own team section obviously your team need to be member's on the site so they can use it, and you'll have to give a list of names to be moderators for your own section.

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hi arnie I asked if I could have my own little forum before you went off line to do your repairs please could you do one for me the name is Unreal Airsoft

mine is kez thanks m8.


Your forum has now been created ;)



I've sent an E-mail about a site forum, do i just wait now or is someone waiting for me to do something ??

Confused plank.


Best bet is to PM me details required for forums you want creating as Arnie isn't about to do it at the moment ;)

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Hi all. Thanks for your PMs but I have been away from the forums (unavoidably) for the last couple of months. However I am now BACK and going through the 200 or so PMs I have received at the moment.


I am currently up to July 9th (meaning all PMs sent to me before that date have now been either actioned or replied to). Anything received after that date will be replied to as soon as I can get to it (gotta reply to PMs in chronological order to be fair).


I expect to be fully up to date on PMs by this weekend. Any requests sent to me already should be actioned by then.


Apologies for the delay but I'm working away as fast as I can ;)


Best wishes to all.



R22 B)

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Yeah sure,


Please PM me the forum type (site or team), name, description, list of mods you want for it, and any special requirements such as password, etc...


I will create it as soon as I have the details ;)

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