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Pictures Of Your Weapon

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"You hold this Walther movie prop in your hand, and please appreciate a movie. Surely you can feel a sense of reality! Please enjoy it once!" Lol? :blink:


Anyway, that is a very nice pistol, however, is it an AEP? :unsure:

And apoligies for being a nub, but whats that scope looking thing below the pistol and to the right of the silencer (In the box)

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I have a PEQII and VFC QD knights suppressor.  Those pictures are getting sent to me tommorow...so hang tight for different pics of the configs I have for my M4.


No...no, please don't...it's just perfect as it as now....please!?


Hehe, only kidding..well, sorta'. That is your rifle...there are many like it, but that one is yours. :D So do whatcha' want!



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The latest one :)

G&P metal body and KA front set just installed (waiting for being crashed ;))

The wood kit is being redone by my gf :)

I'm so happy !



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Well, its been long waiting, for funds, time and parts, but its almost done....


A-Ron gets mad props for some custom tweaking to fit parts together! And of course, LedPocket gets his bow for the belt feed port and the custom box mag...


Remeber before:




Here's some pics of the near finished project:











Not quite done yet. but getting close! Still waiting on a couple of pieces, like a different body, and some optics....

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