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thanks for the comments on my CAR15 with a twist :D


souske - yeah i got a bucketfull of VN mags, i was just messing with the mag and silencer combo.


little para - i didnt look at it as a modernisation of it, but i suppose it makes sense.


l3t - cheers. i hope they dont make them again, purely because im selfish and want them to be rare lol. ;)


senor bear - thanks again, i got that mag just as an oddity after seeing it in a STAR L85 AFV. not much practical use, 150 rnds hicap? the VN mags hold 110 and dont need winding lol.


husky, cheers, and for you and other traditionalists....







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Are you going for a marine look? If so, I havn't seen any use the magwell, have you? What about the leaf sight, but no M203?


I'm just curious, not trying to be an *albartroth*.


Nope, I'm not going for the Marine look. I guess I could if I wanted, though.


That rifle is a mission adaptable platform...if I want a M203, I stick it on. If it's not needed, I take it off, but I generally leave the leaf sight installed.


Just in case... :D


Here's another example of a weapon setup I might use:





Edit: screamin_weasel, if you ever decide to rid of that Star magazine, let me know...as I think it'd be perfect for the M15. ^_^

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Wilco, but I must say first of all the tape feels nice an squishy and for some reason I get blisters on the top of my middle finger on my trigger hand and the tape keeps that from happening. As for ACOGs, I plan on adding the G&P 4x32 but mounted to the carry handle, without the weaver mount, like this:


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not mine...but one of the guys put it in my gunbag...so Ive been using it until he wants it back (as my CQBR decided to get a cracked gearbox, and my 16 inch rifle is in pieces, and Im not even done with the CASV.....this is an A&K, first clone model Ive ever used, and Im actually impressed, save for the plastic, damn plastic ;)

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im such a redneck


this is an old pic (2 years ago) minus the Super9, HFC L85 Springer, and TM Uzi AEG, which I had at that time.


i only own 3 of the guns in this pic now (raging bull, vfc ak, skorpion), and sold the rest


currently also have a UTG L96 Sniper, TM Sig550 Autosniper, HFC Metal/Full Auto Beretta 92fs, Western Arms Full Auto Beretta Cougar, (yeah all 4 are CS counterstrike weapons lol)


next on the want list are a RS Type 97, Marushin 8mm Five-Seven, KSC TMP, M1100 Revision, Beretta CX4 Storm Carbine, and a Marushin 8mm Chrome COP357

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Sorry calico, I was unclear, the internals are "as is", the M5 RAS I added at a later time.

It's a G&P M5 so the gun is "pure".


Here's the kit:



I don't believe the M5 comes on a G&P rifle that is set up as mine is with the carry handle and triangular front sight tower, however they do make an M5 RAS gun:



Mine came to me like this:



Thanks for the compliment!

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