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Pictures Of Your Weapon

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Your pistol came out nice Souske, if you go back couple of pages on this thread I suggested some pachmayr grips on it too, but it looks cool the way it is now.

....And is someone splicing guns?


Thanks! I looked into the pachmayr grips, but they were a bit too expensive as a pair of grips for me, lol. I painted my grips instead to 'simulate' the look instead.

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FN SCAR-L Carbine











Weapon Description


Classic Army SCAR-L base weapon

1.5-4.5x 20mm Short Range Combat Scope ( custom painted )

Guarder heavy duty scope mount ( custom painted )

Freedom Art riser base mount

G&P low profile rubber rail protectors

Hero Arms grip pod ( custom painted )

King Arms M3 illuminator ( custom painted )

MAG 80 round plastic magazine ( tan )





9.6V 1200mah NiMH Intellect battery

Action 400fps spring

Stock upgraded CA internals

Velocity = 385-390fps ( chronographed )



Weapon characteristics


- very smooth functioning ( the same as a TM M14 )

- quiet shots ( minimum popping sound )

- Accurate

- Heavy weight



Paints Used


- Rustoleum Tan ( textured )

- Krylon Camo Series Tan

- Krylon Camo Series Brown



Additional pictures can be found here:


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just fitted the trigger guard this morning =]


tho i think ive shimmed my gearbox to tight as its very screechy D=


Edit: also for anyone interested my fal from the previous page is now up for swaps in the wanted section :)

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Looks like you went a bit 100-mph tape crazy... ;)


It almost looks nice, but some of it is overkill IMO.


Yeah, I knew that was coming. :P


Believe it or not all of it has a purpose. Once I get new rail covers for the rifle I can take it some off. As for the kimber the tape and one screw on each side is all thats holding the grips on. Time to visit the hardware store!

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Did you post any with the B&T stuff that I missed, 6ft4?


Nice stuff, as always




i haven't post any with the B&T stuff yet

Hopefully it will finish roughly around mid of June

the gunsmith told me that the B&T is so hard to fit and make it stable on the gun.

i have put the B&T handguard on the Real G36C, it fit extremely tight.

so i can imagine it will take alittle bit more time.

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