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Pictures Of Your Weapon

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How much did you peel off for that one?


two arms and a left leg?


luvs2shoot, I'm not usualy a fan of M14s, but that one looks quite nice! :D

The railguards look kinda out of place on it though, could be from seeing them on M4s so much...


Either way, a sexy gun and a great paint job :)



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Because I could not find a TM SPAS 12"military version"(= with stock), I went mad & created one myself.... :angry:

The mag holder is fully functional,166shots instead of 10,and the mag can be easily /quickly changed.The shell on top of the second mag is a dummy,does not only look cool,but serves also to keep ###### & dirt out of the feedholes and can also be removed in seconds.

The spreader or"diverter"(looks like a flash hider) is a replica & also a creation by myself.The tactical light:made by me,costed 10pounds in all and is with two controls and ultra bright(halogen)

None of these adaptions have damaged/changed the gun permanently,so I won't lose my warranty over this.. :rolleyes:

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