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Pictures Of Your Weapon

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Nice guns, both of you.


lol thanks. but they are both only STOCK


you should see some of the other ones we got lying around




TM SR-16 urban sniper

CA M15A4 Seals CQB


i'll get a group shot of all of them sometime next week. im waiting for my M4 CASV to come back from aex (picking it up tmrw) and a custom tm hi capa from kiki jiki (can't wait!)

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I just wanted to see a normal, non artsy photo of the M4 to get a better view of its shortness.


ah ok. well how about....latest next tuesday?


im getting all the toys together for a group photoshoot. i just need to pick up the M4 and get the hi capa thru the mail


but the Stubby Killer is tiny. it's like 2 feet long, 3 pounds(??)...anyways it's short and light, easily dual wieldable

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EG hyper motor (i believe)

Prometheus 6.03 inner barrel

custom fitted TM RIS front end

Hurricane Silver cylinder

SP 120 spring

Systema shims, bushings, and gears

Classic Army carry handle

QD silencer


6 Star lowcap mags

1 ICS hicap mag

1 M4/M16 mag clamp

all stock ICS parts (inner barrel, motor, etc.)

9.6V 3300mah PEQ battery/box

front grip

OD with khaki speckled finish










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Nothing special.

Just my two little "fun toys" from Heckler and Koch. (okay... ICS and KSC)




They are waiting to get some reinforcement from Colt. ;)

A WE 1911 Officers is due to arrive tomorrow and in the near future i am planning on getting a G&P M4A1.

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I don't quite understand the logic behind an ACOG on a weapon with a CQBR length setup, but it looks cool so that's what counts.

I'm fairly sure you've pinpointed the only 'logic' behind it right there ;)


Then again, on some weapons it's difficult to get down to the sights when wearing full face (which you should in CBQ) so the various red dots etc become of use then, but only when raised above normal sight level.

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All the guys on the right? They are using suppressed weapons which even with the suppressors are shorter than the M4... It's the damn CQBR! lol


You are correct, the guys on the right appear to be using CQBR length weaps. However, those guys also appear to be using Aimpoints, not ACOGs. We were debating the use of ACOGs on CQBR length weapons. The only guy who appears to be using an ACOG on a CQB length weapon in that pic is the guy in the front smiling. Unless that's the type of silencer that slides over all the barrel assembly forward of the front sight, I stand corrected. At risk of aggravating the spam gods, here's a shot of my updated 416 setup I took today:



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