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Wesker, it looks like the 3X mag is slightly lower than the aimpoint, is that affecting aiming at all? Not really a concern, more a question, very cool looking gun by the way.



Yes, the mounts don't match up exactly, waiting a trade for the proper one.




It doesn''t effect aiming as the dot isn't in the void, it just looks of and annoys me.



I would get an M900 but so far the two replicas I have seen started to fall apart quickly. And the real one is....out of reach.


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Sexy FAL Hunk. Really nice. The AP plus magnifier really goes well with it.


If I'm not mistaken, it's not a FAL, but a SIG.


Those books are _very_ nice btw. Very original and cool.

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Yeah, its a 552 with solid stock isnt it


...Uh...it looks nothing like a SIG552.... :huh:



hunk, all in all how do you like that red dot/3x mag set up? i was looking into investing in the set, but want to get some feedback first.


is that the replica 3x? or is it the real eotech?


I like it alot. More then using just an aim point or just an ACOG. Its the replica of the aim point version. EoTech one has a wider field of view. But this one will work with an EoTech.

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