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Pictures Of Your Weapon

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Render, that's beautiful! Got any more pics of it?

How did you get the dust-cover to stay in that position? ^_^

Thanks. That's the only pic I took that I didn't delete, I hated the rest. I'll take more once some of this snow melts.

As for the dust cover, I have a bunch of these little 0.5cm cube magnets. The cover isn't closed all the way, but it looks better imo.

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The bottom M4 looks good to me.



Also, some of you might remember my WIP Zombie Killer...how Sci-Fi do you think it should be?


I've been considering a few extremes, such as status lights on the side of the gun, and a wicked paint job....




You can always put an ammo counter on the side. Maybe start from 30, then go down in ones as each bb breaks a beam of some type? Haha, might be a little overboard though.


Status light, as in the gun is ready to go? I think that would look pretty cool in a zombie apocalypse type game.

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What can i do to make it look more aggressive?


Shorty mag, flames and some papier mache teath!


I think it already looks pretty nice.


Lordsex, if you have 10 days, then try to find M13 links for your M60's belt. ;)

Nice guns.


:o My safe search = off

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