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Hey Evilhippy where did you get the kit for that M9 Dolphin?


Its a Marushin PFC gun. No cookie.



My psychic powers tell me that the Dolphin is a PFC pistol, and not a kit :P





No artist can do without a little liquid inspiration.


Double cookies.


And a packet of salted nuts ;)

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Looks good...but isn't the bi-pod supposed to fold forward? Maybe not...I'm just basing that on my experience with bolt guns.



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the ECHO1 brand series PEQs at airsogtgi.com look more promising then that dude.


Actually...I do believe that they are the same thing...the one at JT just doesn't have the stickers.


Also, I'm pretty sure they are rebranded as ECHO-1, as they are the new BoyI AEGs....at least that's what I have heard.



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hmm maybe, but you just gotta remember not everything you hear on airsoft forums is true. I'd go with the ECHO because it's got the stickers and looks more realistic, but they're both PEQ's and as long as they look like em it doesn't matter which you pick.

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Recently painted my CA M15A4 CQB!


G&P AN/PEQII Battery Case

Surefire G2

M120 Spring

455mm 6.01 Inner Barrel ( $60-$90 ) I can't member what brand, but it's top o'the line! :D

G&P Mk23 Suppressor (new!!)

I put tape over all the rails, and cut out in between the spaces. :)

Krlyon Ultra-Flat Green

Krylon Saddle Tan











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