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Yeah, yeah, I know. I might order the flashider. The thing is, my dad has a weird thing about orange tips, and since I mostly play in my huge 3ish acre backyard, I could get shot by the coppers. :( I'm going to start playing with some high-enders on 15+ acre private property, so I might still get it. :)


EDIT: Ehobby has it for 30 shipped, and I would much rather deal with them, so I guess I'll get it there soon........if my dad says it's ok.

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Systema PTW-MAX M4A1 with EoTech 552.A65. Upgrades en-route.




Mike, is that a real USGI IR patch? The non-ACU ones are a *badgeress* to get. I got mine in the mail today after waiting 2 months. My TAD hoodie is finished now.


EDIT picture


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Really interesting idea though, the carry handle is the only thing that messes it up IMO because its so obviously just screwed down.


If you could replace the handle/rail of the G36C and have a flot-topped receiver you would totally get away with the carry handle, because of the similarity to an Armalite's layout.


Great idea Samm.


Shame it actually looks like s**t :P hehehe


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