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CA m249 with MAG 100 round box mag


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just a quick one guys, (i've searched but to no avail)


the title says it all, when i get a CAm249p in the next couple of months i want to get a mag 100 round box mag/pouch as i know they are a lot less clumbsy and i think look a lot nicer. (plus i check out the pic i found \/ \/ \/ and you'll know why i want it)


anyway i wondered if when using a 9.6v battery with the MAG pouch, would it misfeed at all/much?


i suppose more importantly is a 9.6v battery worth using or will it cause misfeeds even with the CA box mag and just tear through pistons?


i expect to keep it with the stock spring, i might get a new spring to get it up to just under 1j but no more. i know that a lot of americans have upgraded the *fruitcage* out of their m249s (that i've read at least) and have experienced a fair few stripped pistons.

i obviously dont want to endure the same hassle


any advice on the subject would be much appreciated and would earn well deserved +1s




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