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PSG-1 pics.

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Okay, the PSG-1 may well be a G-3 variant, but does that mean it's NOT worthy of it's own thread here?


Forgive me if I've missed a previous PSG-1 pictures thread but if a member here wants to create a thread for PSG-1 photos, why should we stop that?


I may be biased in the fact that I hate MP5s and Love customized MP5Ks, but surely we can't persecute members for wanting photos of a replica that has similarities with other similar replicas.


Please - original poster - if the tips offered by previous posters satisfy you the let me (or another mod) know and we will divert traffic to that thread. If however, this is a thread devoted PURELY to the PSG-1 and there is no other, then let this thread be free from opression, discrimination, and all manner of "twunts" :D


Until such time as I am informed otherwise, this thread remains valid and open. Post away chaps ;)

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My Old PSG-1






He Had a Full tune Kit Systema 300 % with 200 % Spring


6.03 650 mm Inner barrel Promethéus, Systema Super Torque Up Motor and a 10.8V 3300 mah Large type in the Stock ( with a lot of modification ).


It did 480 Fps with 0.20 BB's and i' had a great semi automatic cycle of fire ^^.


I had to sell it for personal Reason :(

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