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Since Donnie does'nt appreciate gear in the over 1k guns thread, let's move that stuff here. :) I'm sure there are nutheads on Arnies that have loadouts that cost more than a kidney (Titleist, Scoob, Havoc, TriggerHappy etc etc)

Also post a kitlist if possible.






Eagle Industries CIRAS-LV Large in MJK

TacticalAssaultGear Assault Pack in Coyote (molle interface) with Source bladder

EmdomUSA M4CQB pouches in Coyoteish

EmdomUSA 6o4 pistol pouch in Coyoteish

EmdomUSA UtiliShingleSmall in Coyoteish

EmdomUSA B.O.M.B & GROBES pouch in Coyoteish

SummitTacticalSystems custom made Admin panel in MJK

USGI IR Tan US flag

BlackWater Radio pouch in Khaki

Inova 24/7 OD




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Okay fine, I'll post as well. Since Mike called me out:






Kitlist is:


Main Kit

-Issue RAID DCUs

-Eagle Industries CIRAS, Land Version, Khaki

-3x BHI STRIKE M4 Double Mag Pouches

-EMDOM Admin Pouch

-HSGI Quad Pistol Mag Pouch

-BHI Double Pistol Mag Pouch

-TAG Radio Pouch

-Tactical Tailor General Purpose Pouch

-Tactical Tailor Medical Pouch

-Maxpedition Rollypoly Dump pouch

-BHI Hydration Carrier


Head Gear

-Olka/MICH helmet with Rhino Mount

-Wiley X Shooting Glasses


Hands and Feet

-Hatch Nomex Gloves

-Alta Tan Kneepads

-Converse Tactical Boots



-BHI Padded Belt

-Safariland 6004 for Sig Sauer 226 (Also have the same setup for my TM 1911)

-Gemtech TRL

-Black Diamond Vario Sit Harness (not pictured)

-Figure 8 Descender and various carabiners (not pictured)

-CRKT Desert Cruiser (not pictured)

-BHI Safety Harness (not pictured)

-USGI Rapelling Gloves (not pictured)



-TCI M.A.S.T Radio Antenna

-ICOM F4GS 5watt Radio

-TCI Liberator IIs

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If you mean $1000, I can play :)


£1000, might be a little way off there yet (although probably not much!)...




Eagle Industries CIRAS Maritime, OD

2no. BHI Double Mag Pouches, OD

2no. Paraclete 'Double' (Single) Mag Pouches, OD

HSGI Double Pistol Mag Pouch, OD

Paraclete Signal Pouch, Woodland

BHI Strobe/Compass Pouch, OD

Maxpedition Rollypoly Dump Pouch, OD

Tactical Tailor Medical Pouch, OD

TT Hydration Carrier, OD

TT Small Radio Pouch, OD

BFG Releasable Vest Sling, Version 2, CB


Add to all the little bits and pieces making up this...




...and you've got $1k plus easy, I'd imagine :)

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Are you suggesting that viewing gear collections that are above the $1000 mark excite sexual reactions within the human body, obviously you havent been to the Heckler and Koch picture thread, thats high quality gun porn right there :P

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