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I'll expand the rules as we go, but basically here's a few rules about the photo gallery.


Much like the rest of the forum photos submitted to the gallery are expected to conform to the forum rules in the same way that a post would.. they shouldn't be offensive or in severe bad taste.


Please do not upload images that are not your own. If images are uploaded that belong to someone else we'll simply delete them if we see them.


To help clarify things, if you take a screen capture of an image off a DVD for a reason of photograph/scan a magazine to show something that's fine - but downloading an image that belongs to someone else (say off a website) and putting it in your own gallery without credit as to who it belongs to and a weblink to their site is not allowed.


Remote linking directly to the photo gallery images themselves won't work (it's disabled), but you can insert images into posts in the forums. ;)


There's a certain bandwidth limit and total filesize limit set at the moment for each member account which will be varied to make sure there's enough to go around for everyone as and when needed.

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