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A couple of things?


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:P Way~~! I'm an Arnaholic!!!


Very good. :lol:


Does this mean we're all level with H_M now, rank-wise? B)


*giggles like a little child* :P




When did all this happen??? Did I go in a Coma, in the last few days/weeks/months/years? :mellow:

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Oooh yes. :)

OffTopic posts, test posts and A-Geddon posts don't count towards total post count.. plus when I get a sec any deleted posts will also reduce post count as you'd expect :) Kinda keeps the peace a bit better that way.




As much as I disagree with a reduced post count, I imagine Havoc's will be more so. Good Show.


edit: I just remebered what the other thing was: smilies, can we get some new ones? Like evil angry, and there are some funny gay ones around too.

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The groups in forums makes it easier for Arnie to give people certain powers. Especially in such larger used forums. Everyone signed up will automaticly be put into a certain group. That group has powers to see and post in certain forums. Now say Arnie wanted a forum for only a certian airsoft team, he could make a group called "Team Alpha" where Team Alpha is just a random name I came up with. Then everyone in so named Team Alpha would be invited into the group from whoever is made the moderater of the group (in which case it could be Arnie, or the team leader). Then the only people that could post in "Team Alpha forums" would be members of the "Team Alpha Group". Furthermore, he could make it so only "Team Alpha Group" members could see "Team Alpha" forum. Even furthermore, he could make "Team Alpha Group" a private group, where only certain people can actually know that "Team Alpha Group" exists.


He can do the same with moderaters, he wants certain moderaters to have more power than others. He simply makes a moderator group, which he would probably be in charge of. Then when he wants a new moderator, just invite him to the group and that member would get all of the group powers.


Just easier to do things that way.

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OMFG Tripod, that is a great Idea! I love it! Arnie, can you do that! Ohh Ohh , can I have a group and call it "The Salvation Army" That would be cool, and then we can have online battles with Halo, and, and, well now I've just gone off and started rambling, Silly me! But seriousily I want the Groups, and to be a "team leader!"

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