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MP7 Picture Thread

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Horses for courses, StarMonkee. I think some of us who already have the VFC can may now wish to have waited, while others don't care that there is a cheaper alternative. It might prod a company other than Falcon to make an extended inner barrel for the MP7, but we shall see.



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Gentlemen.... Pick your poison...




top to bottom,

Well aw.338

- PEQ-15 with IR/red Laser and IR/regular flasshlight

- M1 40mm Leupold scope w/ buttlers creek scope covers

- Flyye arm panel (big one)

- Bipod

- Sniper scrim


JG H&K416

- SR-25 flipup sights

- m3 flashlight

- Vert-grip


Well R4 H&K MP7

- C-More Reddot sight

- VFC MP7 QD silencer


TM H&K MK.23

- TM SOCOM 16mm Silencer


Gerber RX-700 Flashlight


Various Patches

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I have this one from ebairsoft ....the only thing that i can say is : you get what you pay for........it`s ok but im going to get the pointsight from star. This one is more a good looking sight for a wallhanger than a useful thing.....it has a brightness control that shuts up the sight wenn it gets dark ;)......i wouldn`t buy it a second time.

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Nothing fancy, just a bone stock Marui MP7. Will be getting upgraded with at least a Lipo battery and some external do-dads. Very nice little SMG, Am not sure it is better than my Marui UZI, but it should be a fun little gun to ruin childrens lives with at the local field.




Wish the HK trade was intact, but no big deal, still looks and feels killer.

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