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MP7 Picture Thread

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Hi TB-Stalker, your setup looks sweet. Is that the suppressor that includes an inner barrel too? If so, is there a noticeable difference in using the suppressor both in terms of accuracy and sound?


It's the VFC Suppressor, it doesn't come with an inner barrel, just another flashider. Noise difference is none in terms of volume as it's a GBB so the bolt is the main noise, but it does sound different.

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I have a question: how do the KWA MP7s perform? I've got some money coming in and I'm definitely considering one...


The range and accuracy is actually pretty impressive for such a short barrel. I can't wait for the 6mm power up suppressor to come back in stock (I have on on pre-order). The build is very good and the sound from each shot is addictive. The only downside I can think with this gun is that every shot smells like a fart haha. Why can't they make propane that smelled like bacon?

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Hey all. Got an offer on a KSC MP7. Trying to find out if it's the Taiwan or Japan version. I'd be trading for the CYMA AK74 I'm selling. I've heard nothing about the KSC. Hows it compare? Do I need to replace the nozzle to run green gas?


I want to make sure the KSC is not just a "cheaper" version of the KWA.


Edit: Says it's Taiwan, so ~400FPS.

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