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KWC *highgrade* Desert Eagle Springer

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Haven't written in a review in donkies.... Although I want to review loads of my current gear, I just don't really have the time, but now I hope to spend some time helping members consider the KWC Desert Eagle *highgrade* (note the emphesis) Springer. Here goes.




I always loved the DE on CS 1.5 and 1.6, the big bang, and short mag capacity and the fact it's a masai huge hand pistol, so I saw this dualtone version of the DE, and immediately fell in love. Although the price was a absolute p*sstake, I still forced myself to buy it (without considering looking online or a cheaper place, it was in a store) Price was £100 (and I could've got it for around £30 from Redwolf, that was last years money exchange though.)



not the bestest angles to shoot the DE, even i could take a better shot than that!


OH NOSE!!1 ITS HREE!!1gay11 *translation* First Impressions


After the long travel (from Newcastle back to Sunderland) I finally bought my baby back home. Opened the box and there it was, holding it in my hands was one of the finest smiles I had on my face in a long time (well.. that was a year ago..) the weight was quite heavy, for a springer. The plastics used aren't the cheap and nasty crude material used by HFC for their springers. This is top quality stuff.



cheap plastic? dude you can mistake that for metal!





Very nice stuff, and I'm not just saying it to lick up to KWC's rectum and get a discount from them or whatever. I was honestly expecting bad material used, but as the box says high grade it means just that. Nothing wobbles, nothing rattles, it's all solid stuff. The slide and frame I honestly thought were metal, coated in a chrome paint, it's cold to the touch, like on KSC's heavyweight framed G19s and G23Fs. The grip is the kind of material used for the TM GBB Tactical Master, it's a tad rubbery, but plastic, very good texture and grip if you got bott-sweaty hands. And for picky people like me, you'll notice KWC even painted the safety red, a final touch to a beautifully made gun.



So What's Metal?


Almost all of the hammer internals

Tirger (or Trigger, I remember hearing "tirger" from official P-90 promotion vid)

Single action hammer.

Magazine (the internals are plastic, the shell is pot metal, like TM M16 mags)

Slide catch (fully functional)

Disassembly lever

Magazine release button


It's durable metal too, no snappage I assure you.



*gasp* The Slide Catch!


Yes folks, a springer that locks back on the last shot. This added feature will shine more than any other expensive springer out there (and that doesn't count HFCs, cause they're not expensive.. but they shine shine if you know what I.. forget it..)

The slide catch is spring loaded, just like the GBBs, so it won't lock the slide if you try to cock it sideways, or upside-down (if you happen to be absailing down a building, this is essential stuff) HFC slide catches don't have a spring, so will lock the slide if you try to cock it any other way than horizontal. Nifty.



strong and durable, no wear whatsoever


Mag Release Button


Since the grip is so fat (and it has to be, as it chambers .50AE bullets single stack in the real steel, duh) the magazine release button is put where the thumb will - in no chance - reach, without of course, changing your current shooting grip. I can safely say NO ONE can reach the mag release, unless you move your middle finger upwards and press it. I sometimes do that, other times I just change grip position.



notice distance from thumb to mag release, the hand is in shooting position, you would need to change grip to hit that release





Works, abidextrous too. It's got a tiny ball bearing that clicks into a ditch when you flip the safety, sounds quite nice. Safety doesn't disconnect the trigger from the hammer, it just blocks it, and does a good job too (none of that TM springer safety trigger snapping gayness)





The mag reminds me of a TM M16 mag, the outer shell is pot metal, doesn't scratch so easily, doesn't shine either. It's double stacked and holds 24rounds (I hold 7 at the most, like the real steel, go on, call me daft.)

Mag has the number markings found on the real steel, 4 5 6 and 7 are marked on the left.


pot metal magazine casing, nonshine




Yeah it's got hop up, adjustable too, if I remember correctly, it's where the TM GBB DE is, at the top of the barrel when the slide is locked back. Pictures will describe more clearly than I can..



hop-up exposed with the cover pulled back


Let's fire! *BuRP*


Okay, finally onto firing this thing. Loading is like any other springer, just alil more cumbersome. If handfeeding, you need to feed the bb's diagonally down. If using a "speedloading" rod, it won't matter.

The slide is a VERY long pull, just like TM MK23 and USP. It has to go through several clicks and clacks before it reaches it's cocked position. Letting the slide follow back makes a *PAAAKKK* sound. Pulling the trigger produces a *BURRP* noise.... well not exactly like a burp, but enough to notice the similarity. Setting the hop is easy, manually locking back the slide and pulling back the cover and adjusting, you'll set it in 3-4 shots easy. It's one powerful gun, The energy in Joules is "0.4" as said on the box, it's definately more powerful than 0.4. Easily going through cardboard without half denting it, it can easily compete with TM springer shotguns like the SPAS12 and M3 Shorty.

Firing the last shot and pulling the slide back will engage the slide catch (metal notch in the magazine forces the mag catch up, like GBB magazines.)





With enough features already installed, what more could you want? Fieldstripping capability! This gun strips exactly like the real steel, and the same as the GBB version of the KWC GBB DE.


Step 1: uncock gun, remove gun, push the button on the left of the gun, after holding it in, flip the gun over to the right, and push the lever down, the slide and barrel will jump forward afew centimeters.


Step2: pull the slide back alittle for the barrel to move freely. Push the barrel back along with the slide alittle, the lift the front end of the barrel up, then away from the slide at a 45degree angle.


Step3: keep the trigger pulled (the trigger lever arm will go down, allowing the slide to freely move forwards) then just take the slide off it's rails.



Now you're left with three major parts: barrel, slide and frame. You won't need to strip further than this for cleaning.


Good Sidearm?


Yes, definately, only if you can find a large holster to fit it in. Don't bother being a townie and shoving it in your side pocket or down your pants "gangsta" style, it won't work, it won't fit.

For springer wars, this will definately own, but the report it makes isn't the best sounding, and not the most stealthy..





Pretty, solid, extra solid (dropped it many times) doesn't scratch as easily as TM materials, heavy, durable and reliable, and the fact it's a Desert Eagle I couldn't encourage potential owners more than I can emphesise.. The report may sound very dodgey to a typical springer kid (as it actually does sound very different to normal springers) you may get over it after the first shot.


Definately worth owning, I recommend getting a dual-tone, the chrome paint isn't actually cheap looking, in the right lighting it looks very realistic. If you're bored of HFC springers and think TM springers are too plastic, get a KWC Desert Eagle.



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1 question TaQ, when you first got your did the slide not rack very smoothly? at some points mine gets stuck for a second and its not really a smooth pull. also when i return it the slide desnt return all the way so i have to slap it to go back. did this happen to you? did it wear in eventually?

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I've got the same version as TaQ and i had no problems and i've now owned the dual tone and the black version. I noticed that when it gets cold the slide tends to stick slightly. Is that any help?

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Where did you order your Desert Eagles from? I saw them for fifty bucks on www.airsplat.com, but I was really wary, for they had crappy reviews, and the magazine they had for their "KWC Desert Eagle" looked completely different than the review posted here. I sent them an email about this, and they just kept saying, "All our products are tested, and the KWC Desert Eagle and the magazine that goes with it are fully compatible". I sent another email saying that I didn't ask whether they were compatible or not, and still got the same reply. They're dodging around my question. This makes me even more worried, because if the deagle listed on their site works with that different magazine, then the gun must be different too, so I'm currently looking for a good place to buy this gun, but the black variant.




Here's the mag: http://airsplat.com/Items/AP-SA-90120-MAG.htm


Here's the gun: http://airsplat.com/Items/AP-KA-90120.htm

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I got my two-tone from redwolf... along with 2 speedloaders, an extra mag, some bbs, and a Milspec mk23 holster. It holds the DE, and m11 too.


I'm not sure if they have the black ones in stock, but imho, the two-tone looks very nice. Its somethign different from my all black guns.

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wow hes got -21 posts too. Do you get minus posts when you create zombie threads?

Another thread says hes now on a 2 wk ban. :rolleyes:




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just wondering does anyone know where i can buy one? Thanks


x2 :P


I'd like to know a store in Europe that had this gun in stock

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Oh wow. It was my second ever gun. I have the all black version. I cant believe how long ago I got it.


It's sat in the loft somewhere at my mums house. If I go to see the family at Christmas ill pick it up and post some pictures.

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